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Following the firing of head ECW writer Dave Lagana, Ed Koskey is to take over the role with Dusty Rhodes remaining as a consultant. Michael Hayes, as the head Smackdown writer, will of course be deciding most of what happens on ECW anyway.

Candice Michelle is being listed for house shows next week and so should be back on TV sometime soon.

JBL’s energy drink, ManaJuana Energy, is to be marketed as a herbal aphrodisiac.

WWE are in negotiations with Nathan Jones about bringing him back.

WWE is returning to Canada for the first time since the Chris Benoit murders in May. Smackdown will be in New Brunswick on the 3rd.

Jim Ross has his latest blog entry up here.

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Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda Bollea has said she filed for divorce after finding out he had been hiding money from her. Real estate records show their Miami mansion was sold for $17 million, yet her accounts had the sale figure at $10 million. She also said that he had introduced her to an attorney last year, Les Barnett, to draft a post-nuptual agreement outlining what she would be entitled to in a divorce, whilst also discussing real estate matters with Barnett in secret. Barnett then reportedly referred Hogan to divorce attorney Ann Kerr, yet Linda refused to sign the agreement due to her husband’s suspicious behaviour. Linda says she has taken $1.5 million from their joint account but not spent any of it yet.


Meanwhile, check out’s piece on Hulk Hogan at Mardi Gras here. He gets to wear some very nifty gear parading as King of Bacchus.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 04 February 2008 (subscribe here)

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