Make Movement: Well That Was Boring

I think the RAW writers were all-partied out from the New York Giants Super Bowl win to create a good show last night. What happened? This was the most random, popcorn-string to tie it to the upcoming No Mercy PPV I’ve seen in a while.

For some reason, the Hornswoggle storyline gave us a ridiculously-long scolding from Vince McMahon to how his audience raises their children, as he pulled his pants down in front of a arena full of kids. It was obvious that Finley would rescue and now we’re “treated” to a no DQ match with McMahon and Horny where if Finley interferes, he’s fired. I suppose this would be a way to bring the Big Show back.

Randy Orton did some trashtalking on Cena, which lead to the Mark Henry bait and somehow Cena didn’t have the defensive notion to know the RKO was coming. The entire thing is pointless, we’re all aware of the heel heat Orton needs on Cena, I feel like we’re just delaying the inevitable Cena returning victory.

The writers also can’t give Mickie James consistent booking as she gets stuck with the weaker of the wrestling tag team partners, but even Kelly Kelly looks better than Ashley does. It was great seeing Victoria in a RAW ring however, and putting her and Beth Phoenix together is one amazing force that could take on the WWE Tag Team Champions as well.

Cade’s back…I knew you’d care too.

The star power of HBK, Jeff Hardy, Y2J, JBL and Umaga worked in the six-man tag and apparently Snitsky is getting heel heat based on his teeth alone (but let’s not forget he looks more pale than any of those guys in the ring with him). That was the only match lately that resembled a typical RAW broadcast. The formula works because the main events at No Mercy are elimination chambers but they need stronger momentum, more tension between the stars that doesn’t seem so panned and so predictable. This upcoming PPV and all these RAWs before WrestleMania, we need to feel like these guys really want that shot and Jeff Hardy is the only person other than Umaga who has not headlined a WrestleMania…I would like to see both elevated. By the way, JBL had his Million Dollar Man 2008 moment last night, didn’t he?

Let’s hope next week will pick up where this one was left as nothing memorable. Remember everyone, as long as Cena is bringing in ratings and merchandise, we’re stuck with the quick return to the championship.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading, for all your support and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at

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