Smackdown Spoilers

– Batista cuts a promo in the ring but is interrupted by Big Daddy V, Khali, MVP and Finlay. MVP says nobody can stop him but the lights go out and Undertaker appears. A six-man tag match is booked for later on.

– Shelton Benjamin beats Kane by count-out.

– Chuck Palumbo beats Jamie Noble.

– Jesse & Festus beat Deuce & Domino.

– Vickie Guerrero returns on the Cutting Edge. Rey Mysterio comes out and refuses to apologise to her for the Royal Rumble. Edge attacks him but gets laid out with a 619.

– Edgeheads beat Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore.

– Big Daddy V, Khali & MVP beat Batista, Undertaker & Finlay by DQ.


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