ROH News on Dragon Gate Stars Returning, Huge Orlando Shows & More

Following is from the ROH Newswire for February 6, 2008, at Thanks to Carl Ashby for the below news & analysis…

On 28th March “Dragon Gate Challenge 2” & on March 29th “Supercard of Honor 3” will take place. It will feature a stunning Dragon Gate line up of, CIMA, Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Genki Horiguchi, Shingo & BxB Hulk. All will be in Orlando for ROH’s biggest shows of the year.

As has become a tradition, “Supercard Of Honor 3” on March 29th will feature an all Dragon Gate six man. Every year this bout is at the top of all the match of the year polls. This year’s edition promises to provide that same kind of guaranteed top notch action. March 29th will see:

Dragon Gate Six Man Tag
CIMA, Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito vs. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi

Also a special rematch from “Rising Above” will take place on “Supercard of Honor 3” pitting ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness against Austin Aries.

March 28th will feature a series of ROH vs. Dragon Gate bouts. This is sure to give the card several unique matches. “Dragon Gate Challenge II” on 3/28 in Orlando will feature four ROH vs. Dragon Gate bouts. The first ROH vs. Dragon Gate contest has been signed. March 28th will have:

ROH vs. Dragon Gate
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito

There will be another ROH vs. Dragon Gate match announced before the end of the week. In other news concerning March 28th, Roderick Strong of the No Remorse Corps has made a challenge. “Live In Osaka” last July saw the NRC battle a team that featured wrestlers from Dragon Gate, ROH and NOAH all tagging up. Strong was not in that match, but is upset that the No Remorse Corps lost the match. Now he wants a rematch. Strong has challenged ROH, Dragon Gate & NOAH to get a team together on 3/28 in Orlando for a six man vs. himself & ROH World Tag Team Champions Rocky Romero & Davey Richards.

The stars of Dragon Gate always make this weekend one of the most unique and exciting of the year.

An important match has been signed for the 6th Anniversary Show, a ROH World Tag Title match. Rocky Romero & Davey Richards of the No Remorse Corps will defend against Ruckus and Jigsaw of the Vulture Squad. Ruckus and Jigsaw are getting the title shot due to their big win at the Manhattan Center.

ROH is ready for its biggest celebration yet at the Manhattan Center when the 6th Anniversary Show takes place on February 23rd. This is exactly six years to the day of the first ROH event. Tickets are selling fast for this highly anticipated anniversary show. Here is how the card is shaping up:

Ring Of Honor
6th Anniversary Show
February 23rd, 2008- 7:30 pm belltime
Manhattan Center (Grand Ballroom)

ROH World Title Match
Nigel McGuinness defends vs. Bryan Danielson

No DQ FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Erick Stevens defends vs. Roderick Strong vs. The Necro Butcher

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Rocky Romero & Davey Richards defend vs. Ruckus & Jigsaw with Julius Smokes

SHIMMER Title Match
Sara Del Rey defends vs. Daizee Haze

First Time Ever
Austin Aries vs. Go Shiozaki

Special Challenge Match
Kevin Steen vs. Joey Matthews

Special Attraction
Delirious vs. Human Tornado

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So much news to take in but the first thing that strike a positive chord with me is the announced Dragon Gate line up. BxB Hulk will finally be in ROH, it might not be the same without his cool entrance but i’m very sure he will bring the goods in the ring.

The Supercard of Honor 3, 6 man tag should be wild. It looks closer to the original 6 man tag from the first Supercard of Honor. I want to see Strong vs. BxB Hulk or BxB Hulk & CIMA vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black. Something totally different, I always enjoy very unique matches.

Supercard of Honor 3 and Dragon Gate Challenge 2 already have that feeling of important shows, and only a few matches have been announced. I can’t wait for future news.

The 6th Anniversary Show looks pretty hot to be honest, i’m not overly keen on seeing Danielson vs. Nigel for the millionth time but then again you can’t complain about seeing a possible fantastic match.

I will be honest, Gabe’s booking isn’t exactly rocket science he seems to take the common sense approach, which is cool and has worked. But whatever you do, don’t question it.

Carl Ashby – “ROHRecall”