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Hello folks and welcome back. Ok ok, so maybe we should be the ones given the “welcome back” since we’ve been gone for about two months now. Just to fill you in on what has been going on, here’s the rundown. Paulie had a new bouncing baby boy so he has had his hands full so to speak. My new job has finally gotten going and now I’m getting into a groove and getting a bit more time on my hands. CJ…well, he’s been studying or something. Matt has been in the kitchen making some seashell dish or something…he’s still very busy right now so we won’t take the apron off of him just yet.

Not to mention the holidays for all of December were keeping us so busy with everything else we had to deal with that we couldn’t possibly sit down together and discuss sports like we love to do. In completely different locations. Over the computer. Usually in our underwear.

Moving on!

We take on some of the biggest topics over the past month, weeks, and days so we can play catch up here. So if you will please…

1.) Super Bowl Thoughts

Paulie: Allow me to preface my thoughts with this: I hate New York. I’m not fond of the city itself, but more so the sports teams. I can’t stand any of them. Well, except for the Jets. But that’s just cause they’re kind of like the bastard red headed step child of a New York sports team. But I have never been able to find it in my heart to pull for the Giants. Add in to that, my hatred for all things Manning, and you can guess who I was pulling for in this game, 19-0 on the line or not.

I’ll admit, I thought the Giants didn’t stand a chance. I thought Belichick would find a way to stop that pass rush. I thought Brady would be able to pick apart an even more depleted Giants secondary. I was wrong but what we got was one hell of a game that all the haters who said they wouldn’t watch the game because they didn’t care about either team should regret missing.

Manning got the MVP, and that last drive probably sealed it from him. Especially with the fight he showed, slipping away from Adalius Thomas on that jump ball to Tyree. But the real MVP of the game was Justin Tuck if not the entire Giants D-line. At one point in the game, Brady had been hit or sacked on over half of his drop backs. The pressure from the front four alone with only the rare blitz from a safety or Kavika Mitchell allowed the Giants to swarm the secondary with enough guys to clog any possible passing lane Brady would have. They actually had Mr. Calm and Cool rattled. Brady was misfiring on passes even on the drop backs that he had decent protection. He was high. He was short. He was throwing behind his receivers. In short, he was very un-Brady like.

Also, there came a rare occasion to second guess Bill Belichick. Why are you going for it on 4th and 13 from the 30 yard line when you have a damn fine kicker, indoors, with basically a straight away shot? Was it over confidence in his offense despite what the Giants D had shown to that point? Was it a hint of doubt that his own defense would be able to hold them from their own 38? Was it because the kicker’s name was no longer Vinatieri? When those three points is the difference in the game, you can’t help but question that call after the fact.

But all in all, it was an excellent game. One of the best of the season, and definitely on of the best Super Bowls in a long, long time. Anyone who missed it yet calls themselves a football fan, must be talking about that game they play over in Europe.

Charles Joseph: Yeah. What he said.

It was a pretty good game. I loved the fact that the first quarter took like 5 minutes. That was super. Now if we can just figure out how to get the half time show to be over that quickly.

Commercials were pretty lack luster. When Chris Kattan is the best part of the best commercial during the Super Bowl, you know you’re in trouble.

I’m glad the Patriots lost, and sad the Giants won. There couldn’t have been a better time for a terrorist attack.

Danny: I was not looking forward to this game at all as the weeks were leading up to it. The Super Bowl actually was a “could care less about” for me since the match-ups were decided for the conference championships. I hate Brett Favre and wish he’d retire finally and thankfully. The Giants I’ve always hated. Philip Rivers is a trash-talking assbag. And the Patriots…I didn’t want to see perfection. I really didn’t. And I could do without Maroney, Moss, Stallworth, and especially Brady. Wes Welker I like.

Then it came to Giants and Patriots and I didn’t mind AS much because Favre was gone, and I figured the G-Men had a chance because they came awful damn close in that last game of the season. Not to mention that the Pats are not and were not as gloriously fantastic as everyone made them out to be. Look back at the season and their games against such opponents as the Eagles, Giants, and especially the Ravens. That’s all I’m saying.

The commercials sucked and the first quarter was decent, but as CJ said…it was also over in five minutes. Second and third quarters kinda dragged ass, but it was still nice seeing Tom Brady get thrown to the ground repeatedly and get all “fwustwated!” Cry pretty boy, cry! Then the final five minutes were just friggin awesome and it made the game worthwhile and made the entire crappy season by my Saints worthwhile just to see the Pats lose and Belichik run off the field in his torn sweatshirt and cry me a river. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t the worst Super Bowl either. I’ll keep that title with the Steelers/Seahawks game from a few years ago.

2.) NBA Midseason Thoughts, Awards, Surprises, Etc…

Danny: It has been a somewhat formulaic season but filled with a nice group of surprises. The East surely belongs to the Celtics as the Boston Three Party is just dominating when they are healthy and have a hell of a bench to back them up too. The Bulls have just looked putrid and the Nets are falling apart at the seams. Boston looks to represent the East in the Finals if they can get past those ever-present Pistons who can retool their entire roster every single year and still somehow end up in the thick of things.

And how bad are the Heat? Jesus!

In the West, the Spurs are struggling a bit, but staying in there along with the Mavs and Suns. Portland has come out of nowhere and WITHOUT Greg Oden which everyone thought would be the person to take them to the stratosphere. The Lakers just traded for Pau Gasol which will help them considerably with all the injuries plaguing them. Speaking of injuries…my Hornets are one of the top teams in the West as which could have been the case last year if not for injuries decimating the roster all year. CP3 definitely needs to be spoken in the MVP race along with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett, and LeBron James. Tyson Chandler has rekindled his career after tanking in Chicago and David West is showing people just how underrated he is. As I write this, the Hornets have 32 victories which is only 7 less then they had all of last season. If the health stays in place, then this team has the possibility of going very far into the playoffs and possibly beyond.

MVP: Race between Chris Paul, LeBron James, and Steve Nash – Paul HAS to be considered here since he is on his way to becoming the first player in history to average 20 points, 10 assists, and 3 steals a game

Best Defensive Player: Race between Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby

Rookie of the Year: Race between Kevin Durant and Al Horford

Best 6th Man: Depending on where they keep him, Ben Gordon looks in contention for it unless they move him back into starting permanently again.

Most Improved: Up until his injury, Andrew Bynum…now, not so sure who!

Paulie: Ummm, like, Boston and stuff. Bulls suck. Screw the Hornets. Umm… yeah, that’s about the extent of what I’ve been able to follow of the NBA this season.

Charles Joseph: The Timberwolves don’t suck.

Too badly.

I’m with Paulie on the screw the Hornets thing, mainly because that’s all Danny talks about these days. I’m convinced he would mother the child of at least 3 players on the team.

When Boston gets back to being healthy they’ll go back to dominating the East, and set themselves up for an old school showdown with the Lakers in the Finals. The Lakers will win because when Bynum gets back, they’re a going to be unstoppable.

MVP: Chris Bosh, he’s been carrying Toronto all year. Bargani hasn’t done crap to help and Ford has been injured.

RoY. Al Horford. Because I loathe Kevin Durant

3.) Brock Lesnar’s UFC Debut

Charles Joseph: So…we’ve got Hockey at the midpoint of their season. NASCAR is revving up for their season. Johan Santana got traded to the Mets. Eric Bedard will probably have been traded to the Mariners by the time this gets posted. Charles Grant got stabbed in the neck, Pac-Man Jones had charges against him dropped while it was being said he was still frequenting strip clubs, and Michael Vick finally got a ruling in his favor saying he doesn’t have to pay back 20 million in bonuses. Senator Arlen Spector is looking into the Spygate issue, Bud Selig, former Sen. Mitchell and Don Fehr talked to congress about steroids, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Chuck Knoblauch and others are scheduled to talk to congress about steroids and the Mitchell report….and we’re talking about Brock Lesnar?

Danny: Yes, yes we are.

Lesnar actually looked quite decent in his major debut in UFC although he had already won his first match quite handily. Lesnar was truly pounding on Mir for a good minute and twenty-five seconds and then just got in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in an ankle lock. All the hype has been about Lesnar being a “fake wrestler” and stepping into the octagon for “real fighting.” All the sports’ writers are acting as if professional wrestling like WWE and TNA doesn’t take any kind of athletic ability. They also seem to forget that Lesnar was an amateur wrestler and NCAA champion. It’s not like the guy who is built like a 6’2″ rock is going to be totally dominated in a fight or anything. The hype was a bit much, but I still think he’s going to end up having a pretty decent career in UFC.

Paulie: I saw the fight on YouTube and though I don’t really follow UFC, I thought Lesnar did pretty damned good. He seemed to dominate much of the fight until he let his defense slip for just a second to give Mir the shot at the ankle. He’ll probably end up doing pretty well if he actually starts going slow and not trying to blow all his money matches right away and learning and honing his style against some lesser opponents.

And Corky, yes, we’re talking about Lesnar because we don’t care about all that other stuff.

4.) BCS Championship Game – Did The Best Team Win?

Paulie: The better team of the two that were arbitrarily chosen to play in the BCS Championship game won. I still say that Ohio State had no business being in that game. Their strength of schedule just wasn’t there. The only reason they were there is because the Big 10 is still somehow considered an elite conference when they’re probably actually on par with the ACC at this point as far as BCS conferences go.

But you look at the way USC dismantled Illinois (You know, the team that beat OSU). Look at how Georgia destroyed undefeated Hawaii. Look at how West Virginia came back from the egg they laid against Pittsburgh to run over an Oklahoma team that many said should have been in the BCS game itself. There’s no way you can look at all that and tell me with supreme confidence that the best two teams in the country even played in that game, much less that the best team in the country actually won it.

If this season didn’t show the need for at least a plus one system if not an 8-16 team playoff in college football, I don’t know what will convince people.

Charles Joseph: See kids…this is what happens when we let Danny pick topics. He picks crap no one has cared about for a month. So what if it’s a “catch up” column, there was far more important things happening just this last week. Hmph. When I get to pick topics, at least I pick crap that no one cares about but has at least happened in the last week.

It really doesn’t matter to me. LSU had a piss poor second half of the season, and didn’t deserve to be in the title game, but they got there and won. Whoopty friggin doo. Hopefully next year a team can go 6-6 but since they’re in the SEC still get into the National Championship game.

Danny: I rule this, so I pick topics. If you have a topic you wish to discuss…then spit it out junior. We’ve been gone a while, it’s catch-up time.

The best team won and not just because of my bias. The BCS system is flawed straight and simple. The past couple years I’ve bitched and complained because LSU didn’t make it. This year I am happy because they did. When the teams of those who people root for don’t make it to the title game, the complaints come ushering in and rightfully so. This year LSU lost the last game of the season and won the SEC title game. The way things looked and the results of some games meant they jumped a few other teams to get into the big dance. Look back and check things out…it was justified. The game came around and the better team won…nice job Buckeyes! HA!

Hawaii was proven for the joke they are. VaTech got trashed by LSU early on. Georgia didn’t win their conference championship or even make it to the game. Etc…etc…etc… things work out the way they do and until the God awful BCS is gone, then there will always be someone to complain about it.

None the less…Geaux Tigers! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

5.) NFL Returning To London In 2008: Saints Vs. Chargers – Good or Bad Idea?

Charles Joseph: Stupid. They’re not gonna catch on to our game over there. It’s just not going to happen. You could hold the Super Bowl over there every year to insure that the best two teams to represent the league are there every year and it still wouldn’t catch on. Two teams that should be good football teams next year are going to be punished for a trip to a country that could care less about our version of football. I hope it’s raining worse that it was last year, and Reggie Bush breaks his leg off, maybe that’ll keep the NFL from trying this stupidity again next year.

Danny: Dude, did you really have to pick Reggie for that scenario? Why couldn’t it have been LdT or Antonio Gates or better yet…Philip Rivers? I think it is kind of crappy for another home game to be taken away from one or both of these teams or any team for that matter. Sure it drew a big crowd and all that, but it is one game a year. Does the NFL really think that it is going to make the NFL popular as hell over there or something? I mean HELLO…NFL Europe anyone? It was doing pretty decent from what I saw the past two or three years and it was still shut down. If they want to take a preseason game over there like they do with China and Mexico City, then so be it. But every single game is important in an NFL season and making two teams travel halfway across the globe to play a game…with the bye week next or not, is just too much. I hate this idea.

Paulie: He picked Reggie for that scenario because losing him wouldn’t really affect the quality of the game that much. The idea of sending the Saints and Chargers over there next season is at least better than the Giants and Dolphins. But they really could have picked a better team than New Orleans to lose a home game. The game itself though should be an offensive spectacular which will give the Euros something different for a change, seeing points scored.

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