ECW and SmackDown Spoilers for February 12 and 15, 2008

The place: Houston, TX
The venue: Toyota Center

Both ECW and SmackDown were billed as Sold Out events, but there was a number of empty seats.

ECW (for show airing on 2/12/08)

– Chavo Guerrero makes his way to the ring and begins to complain about the Gulf of Mexico, calling it a cesspool. Because CM Punk dumped him into the water, Chavo says he suffered a rash, was having migraines, and was stung by a jellyfish. Instead of waiting to face CM Punk at No Way Out, he would rather defend his title tonight. Out comes Armando Estrada and he changes that idea. Instead, Punk will take on Mark Henry.

– They air a package of Stevie Richards returning to action.

– Stevie Richards defeats Rory Foxx in 2:30. Crowd gives Stevie a good “Welcome Back” chant. Richard gets a pinfall victory after a double-arm underhook DDT.

– Kelly Kelly defeats Layla in 3:56

– Kofi Kingston defeats Mike Knox at 3:51. Kofi delivers a Kofi Kick (Insiguri) before picking up the 1-2-3.

– Tommy Dreamer (accompanied by Colin Delaney) beats John Morrison (accompanied by The Miz) in 3:36. Dreamer reverses a spinning neck breaker into a DDT. After the match, Miz and Morrison get their revenge by beating up Colin. Poor guy, you just want to call him Mikey Whipwreck.

– In the main event, CM Punk defeats Mark Henry by DQ in 2:27. When Henry wouldn’t break a choke in the ropes before the count of five, the ref had no choice but to call for the bell. Afterwards, CM Punk gets his revenge on Chavo by delivering his “Go to Sleep” combination.

SmackDown (for show airing on 2/15/08)

– Batista defeats United States Champion M.V.P. at 14:29 in a non-title match. Decent TV match here as Batista busts out a figure-four leglock. Later in the match he rams MVP’s shoulder into the ring post three consecutive times – as a small measure of payback since MVP was working over Batista’s shoulder for much of the match – before delivering the Batista Bomb to pick up the victory.

– Backstage segment with Edge and Hawkins and Ryder. Edge was a little too busy with his own problems (“butterflies in his stomach”).

– In an eight-man tag, the foursome of Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Jesse and Festus defeated Ryder, Hawkins and Deuce & Domino (accompanied by Cherry) at 2:52. Yang connects with a moonsault onto one of the Greasers to pick up the victory. This being Houston, and the rodeo approaching, Yang was very popular of the eight men in the ring. After the match, the losers try to get a measure of revenge on the rednecks, but Jesse rings the bell and Festus snaps into action and clears the ring.

– Backstage, Vicki Guerrero gets a makeover

– Highlights from last night’s taping (which airs on 2/8) of Chuck Palumbo delivering a beatdown on Jamie Noble as Michelle McCool looks on helplessly.

– Victoria defeats Michelle in 2:11. Before the match begins, Palumbo (on his motorcycle) comes out to take a closer look. As the match takes place, he revs his engine and continues to make laps around the ring. Michelle becomes distracted and Victoria is able to take advantage, and is able to perform the Widow’s Peak for the win. Afterwards, Palumbo cuts a promo. Typical stuff that doesn’t really add anything to this feud.

– Undertaker (getting the loudest ovation of the night) defeats Big Daddy V (accompanied by Matt Striker) at 6:21. Big Daddy V is far from his King Mabel days, and this match was reminiscent of the feud he had with Taker back in late ’95. Which wasn’t very good to begin with. Taker wins with a chokeslam. In the post-match, he chokes out Striker with a Triangle Choke. Striker bleeds from the mouth to put over the severity of the hold. Then the paramedics come out and they do a stretcher job.

– Backstage, Edge is pacing back and forth in his locker room. Something’s got him nervous.

– Kane & CM Punk defeat Shelton Benjamin & Chavo Guerrero in 4:52. Punk delivers the G2S on Chavo for the win. Some champion Chavo is, getting another TV defeat.

– Finlay (with Hornswoggle) defeats The Great Khali (with Singh) in 4:57. Pretty basic match, which sees Hornswoggle get into a perilous situation with Khali, only then for Finlay to hit the seven-footer with two shillelagh shots while the ref is turned to get the win.

– Backstage video: Teddy Long pushing Vicki in a wheelchair towards the entrance ramp.

– The WWE propmasters take some time to set up the ring with flowers, red felt and valentine hearts. Vickie’s Valentine’s Day segment is your main event program for the night. Edge comes to the ring first as violinists play on the stage leading to ringside. Most of the audience, especially kids, were booing the musicians telling them that they “suck”. So much for a musical education. We all know Edge as the “Rated R Superstar” but for tonight he tells the crowd that he’s the “Really, Really in Love Superstar.” As Teddy Long proceeds to push Vicki to ringside (with her getting the biggest heel reaction of the evening), I bet he wishes he were managing 2 Cold Scorpio. Edge proceeds to sing a Bryan Adams serenade to Vicki – horribly. Crowd was yucking it up, some swaying back and forth to the grating lyrics. Edge then pops the marriage question, to which Vicki says yes. He gives her a ring and they kiss. Rey Mysterio crashes the wedding proposal and gets a loud pop from the audience. Rey is disgusted. Edge wants Rey to apologize, so Rey enters the ring and Edge starts to attack. Rey fires back with the 619, and goes for the seated senton onto Edge, but Edge moves out of the way and Rey hits wheelchair-bound Vicki instead. Rey just shrugs his shoulders and leaves the ring. They do a stretcher job on Vicki to close the show.

– In a dark match, Hawkins and Ryder come out and call out Rey for a handicap dark match, which quickly ends in a DQ. As Hawkins and Ryder gang up on Rey, Batista runs out to make the save and together they clear the ring. Rey and Batista thank the fans as they pose for pictures.

Other notes:

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons was in attendance

During the main event segment, Edge’s mike cuts in and out and one of the grips tossing him a new one. This may be edited out of the telecast.

Signs spotted in the crowd

– Is Festus the guy who married Angelina Jolie?
– Didn’t Chuck once marry a Guy?
– Big Daddy V-Cups
– About Finlay and Hornswoggle: Say Hello to My Little Friend

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