Smackdown Preview for February 8, 2008


Preview: Gaining an Edge?
February 8, 2008

This Friday, World Heavyweight Champion Edge will host another edition of “The Cutting Edge,” when his lover, General Manager Vickie Guerrero, returns to SmackDown. After Assistant GM Theodore Long placed the Rated-R Superstar into a title rematch at No Way Out with Rey Mysterio, will Guerrero have anything to say about his decision? And will the Ultimate Opportunist use his relationship with Vickie to his advantage heading toward his championship match against the Master of the 619?

Batista vowed last week that he would go to No Way Out and earn another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber Match. On SmackDown, The Animal will kick off the show and undoubtedly try to cement his position as he looks forward to the unprecedented second Chamber. What will the intense former World Champion have to say about the sadistic structure and his five opponents on February 17?

One thing is certain, no matter what Batista has to say about his opponents at No Way Out, he will have to co-exist with Finlay and Undertaker on SmackDown when the trio teams up to take on the team of Big Daddy V, United States Champion MVP and The Great Khali. With each Superstar hoping to gain momentum before the dangerous Elimination Chamber, will either team be able to stay on the same page?

Last week, Jesse let the SmackDown fans know that Festus is a brand new man, feeling better than ever – thanks to doctors curing his personality issues. He says this Friday, the duo will be back, bigger and better than ever.

Finally, Shelton Benjamin felt the fires of hell last week when he lost to Kane on ECW on Sci Fi, and this past Tuesday it was announced that the rematch would take place Friday on SmackDown. Will the Big Red Monster be able to once again put down the talented Benjamin, or will Shelton show Kane why there “ain’t no stoppin’ him”?

Find out Friday at 8/7 CT on The CW Network.

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