Remote Destination – Resolutions

Here we are just over a week into my new year and I’ve yet to come up with a TV resolution. I’m pretty sure that last year my resolution was to not get backed up on my TV viewing. And if that was the case, then I failed miserably. Still, I think I’m going to stick with that one, because improving upon failure seems to be what new years resolutions are all about.

In fairness, I did pretty good in this strike shortened season, of staying caught up on my various shows. In fact, the only show that I’m still behind on is Grey’s Anatomy. And that’s due mostly because that’s a show that usually watch with my roommate and getting our schedules synced up can be quite the task.

But then again, perhaps my resolution should be to get DVR service. I mean it is the year 2008 and I’m still dealing with 1980’s tech in my trusty VCR. So perhaps investing in the future, or present, should be how a I better myself in the TV realm.

Perhaps I should better myself by not watching shows that I don’t enjoy. I’m not the biggest fan of My Name is Earl yet I tape and half-watch it. The only thing that keeps my attention rapt on Heroes, other then the hypnotic effect Peter Peterilli’s perfect pecs, is the frustrating use of subtitles. And don’t even get me started on Smallville. So maybe I should cut out the shows that are really just eating into the precious time I’ve allotted for viewing shows.

Of course I could resolve to get back into Days of Our Lives. There have been a few soap operas that I’ve toyed with over the years. I tried to get into Generations because of the Black cast. And I toyed around with Santa Barbara because my babysitter watched it.
But Days was something special. I started watching it because a girlfriend in high school was watching it. And being a stupid high school kid, I thought it’d be cute to watch TV together, over the phone (my friends who had to endure the insufferable hour were less than happy.) Anyway, I wouldn’t turn the channel until Bo spoke. Y’see ever scene with Bo featured Bo’s thoughts via voiceover and I was determined to see Bo’s lips move. Thus I got into Days.

Naturally, like all good high school relationships, ours ended. I’d toy with Days in spurts off and on for years, pretending that my lost love and I were watching the same show and were connected in that way. But I haven’t watched the show in years. Needless to say, I’m lost. I remember when Bo’s son was a kid, and now he’s all grown up and has peers. I’m completely lost. So maybe if I spend a week watching I’ll get caught up to speed. But that would require me to wake up before 2pm, and I really can’t see that happening.

I think that another good resolution would be to buy more shows on DVD, but I’m not going to do that until the WGA strike is resolved.

Oh well, I’ll probably keep you up to date on what I resolve to do for my new year, should I ever make my mind up.