The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Class Championship Wrestling – February 26 1983

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The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Class Championship Wrestling – February 26 1983

– Hosted in the present by Michael Hayes solo, as apparently Kevin Von Erich is done for the moment.

– Hosted back in 1983 by Bill Mercer.

– Taped from Dallas TX.

– King Kong Bundy v. The Magic Dragon. Bundy overpowers the Dragon and grabs a headlock to start, then totally bowls him over again. They do the test of strength while Mercer relates the surprisingly rich backstory of the Magic Dragon, and of course Bundy wins that. Dragon uses the dreaded martial arts to fight back, but Bundy slams him for two. We hit the chinlock and they exchange chops, but Dragon goes down again and Bundy tosses him for good measure. Back in, Dragon kicks and punches his way back and they choke each other out before Bundy swats him down like a fly and drops the elbow for two. Dragon comes back with a bodypress attempt, but Bundy falls down on him and finishes with the big splash at 7:31. Surprisingly competitive. **1/4

– Bill Mercer introduces us to Iceman King Parsons, who relates the story behind his nickname and announces himself as a friend of the Von Erichs. That’s the easiest babyface shortcut in wrestling history and it just never failed to work. Except for Lance Von Erich, but that’s another discussion. Then it’s over to another debut…”Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with original valet Sunshine. Precious was a much better fit for him. Michael Hayes in the intro makes the point that you can really start to see talent flowing into the promotion as it heats up, and this is a prime example.

– Arman Hussein v. Iceman King Parsons. Hussein stalls to start before Parsons backdrops and dropkicks him for the pin at 1:41. Crowd goes crazy for Parsons right out of the gate. I’m disappointed he didn’t lead off his WCCW career with a butt-butt. DUD

– “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin v. Al Madril. Garvin demands that the cameras be shut off, because no one films his matches. So we’re off.

– Yet another debut, as we meet General Skandor Akbar at a “press conference”. He announces the signing of King Kong Bundy, Kabuki and Kamala for his Devastation Inc. stable while Bundy counts the money.

– Lumberjack match: The Fabulous Freebirds v. David, Kevin & Kerry Von Erich. Oh my. Gordy starts with Kerry and the crowd is off the proverbial hook. Kerry grabs the headlock, but gets powered down and the Freebirds quickly go to work in their corner. Hayes chokes him out on the ropes, but Kerry hiptosses everyone and it’s a pier-six brawl. Roberts runs away and gets tossed back in by Bundy, and Kerry gets two. Over to David, as he dodges a charging Gordy and brings in Kevin for a dropkick, and all the Freebirds get a piece of that action. Roberts slows him up with a knee to the back, however, and slams him for two. Gordy drops him on the top rope and Roberts keeps him in the heel corner as Hayes adds his own knee to the back. Kneedrop gets two. Kevin keeps rolling towards his corner and Hayes keeps cutting him off, and it’s over to Gordy as he pounds away in the corner. Finally he misses a charge and it’s hot tag Kerry. Backdrop for Gordy and he drops the knee, but Terry stubbornly pushes him into the Freebird corner to take over again. Roberts works on the arm. Hayes runs him into the corner with a hammerlock and pounds the arm, and then hits an unintentional brainbuster before getting a backbreaker for two. Kerry fights back on Gordy, but gets tossed, which gives Bundy another chance to throw someone back in. Kerry and Buddy collide and it’s another hot tag to David, but his sleeper on Gordy is quickly broken up. Kerry and Buddy go flying over the top together while David regroups with a claw on Gordy, but Hayes hits David from the top with an axehandle and Gordy sets up for the piledriver. But that gives Kevin a chance to hit Gordy from behind with his own axehandle and he puts David on top for the pin at 11:41. Now that’s a hell of a finish. ***

– Back in 2008, Michael Hayes brings in Jimmy Garvin, now bald and looking like a banker instead of a rock star. As he notes, Jack Daniels is not good for maintaining a youthful look.

And there’s a good lesson to end on.