Missing Links on Karen Angle, Matt Hardy and… Bobby Knight?

Who said this in the Winnepeg Sun? “I never tested positive. It was a joke. I felt like I was hung out to dry. I wasn’t protected. There was a whole lot of miscommunication. I’ve done steroids. They’re something I had to do. I’ve had three knee surgeries and the doctor put me on steroids. I had to take certain things. But as far as ordering things from the black market, I didn’t do that. I look the same now as I did when I was 25. I’ve never been a freaky athlete. I’m an entertainer, not a bodybuilder.” King Booker Speaks!

JR talks about recent developments with The CW, Ohio Valley Wrestling and more here.

Karen Angle talks as part of TNA’s latest monthly conference call.

Want the latest on Hulk Hogan’s divorce proceedings? Gossip whore.

Bobby Knight is offered a coaching job by TNA. I predict he’ll have too much sense to accept it.

Consequences Creed is TNA.

Funaki is injured.

Batista’s car is pimped OUT, if you care. If you do, please, do tell me why.

Santino’s latest video brings the funny.

Miz & Morrison have a new “Dirt Sheet” video segment.

WWE in HD. Can we shut up about this then?

Shelly Martinez (Ariel in ECW, Salinas in TNA) was recently on the “Scare America” Internet radio show here.

Jerry Lynn has posted his indie dates here. Sadly, no ROH on the horizon.

Blue Meanie blogs about being part of the new movie The Wrestler. ROH will have a part in that one, too.

Matt Hardy blogs about the upcoming Matt & Jeff DVD, which should be saved for when they win their World Titles. He also answers fan questions.

That’s it. Get on with yerselves (by reading more Pulse Wrestling!).

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