Hitting Shelves This Week…

February 12, 2008

Becoming Jane

Anne Hathaway steps into the shoes of the world renowned Jane Austen before she was famous and tells the story of her earlier life and romance with a young Irishman.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, pop-up facts, “Discovering The Real Jane Austen” featurette

Black August

Jailed for one year to life for stealing just 71 dollars, George Lester Jackson was an inmate activist who led one of most violent riots in San Quentin’s history. Watch his fiery story, ending in bloodshed on the cataclysmic day in August that Jackson’s brother took a courtroom hostage to protest his trial.

DVD Features: None

Blue State

Some people are willing to do anything to prove a political point’ even if no-one knows who they are. Watch as a disgruntled Democrat drunkenly promise to move to Canada if George W. Bush is elected to the White House, then watch him follow through with it.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, trailers

Check out Josh Begley’s review here.

Charlie Chan Collection, Vol. 4

Step into a world of mystery and desire as Charlie Chan is back in five great films including: Charlie Chan In Honolulu / Charlie Chan In Reno / Charlie Chan At Treasure Island / City In Darkness /

DVD Features: Documentaries, behind the scenes, numerous featurettes, still galleries, and more

Columbus – The Lost Voyage

Everyone knows about the journey that Christopher Columbus took to discover the New World and some of his adventures before and after that. But now experience the true story behind his fourth voyage that proved to be his most dangerous mission ever.

DVD Features:

Dallas – The Complete Eighth Season

Dallas oil magnate J.R. Ewing is back on the Southfork Ranch and are ready for all the drama that comes with being famous millionaires. Children, business partners, and business rivals are just a few of the crazy and mysterious things that they have to deal with in one of the biggest cities in Texas.

DVD Features: All 30 episodes from the eighth season

Dirty Laundry

Patrick is a magazine writer that seems to have the perfect life and lives it up as a gay man that is nothing but happy. That is until he is reunited with his traditional Southern family after many years.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, photo gallery

The Equalizer – Season One

Complete with compassion, an intense amount of knowledge, and an aggressive attitude that will be able to solve any problem; Robert McCall is a private detective waiting to hear from you and do whatever is necessary to get the job done right.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season

Family Ties: The Third Season

The entire Keaton family grew up right before our eyes, but it was always Alex P. Keaton who captivated our TV sets and now the entire third season shows the common troubles and good times that a normal family (and Skippy) had to go through.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the third season

General Hospital: Night Shift – Complete First Season

General Hospital has treated millions of patients, left its doors open, and seen more then its fair share of drama in the more then forty years it has been open, but now it is time to see what kind of things can happen when night falls.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the first season, “On The Seat At Night Shift” featurette

Girlfriends – The Third Season

Toni, Maya, Lynn, and Joan are all the greatest of friends and have some of the most wonderful times with one another, but that doesn’t mean things are always easy. Venture into both the ups and downs in the lives of these four unique women.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season

Gone Baby Gone

Detectives sometimes get way too much into their work and such is the case for two Boston detectives assigned to a little girl’s kidnapping that ends up turning into a crisis in both their professional and personal lives.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, “Capturing Authenticity” featurette

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (40th Anniversary Edition)

A liberal white couple is willing to do anything for their daughter and will always be happy with whatever she does. Their good graces are put to the ultimate test though when she brings home black doctor and announces their engagement.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews, numerous featurettes

In the Shadow of the Moon

Join the surviving crew members of every single Apollo mission that flew to the moon between 1968 and 1972, and the men who stepped foot on the moon. For the first time ever together, they share their tales first-hand of what it was like to stand on a totally different world.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted/extended scenes, trailers, behind the scenes, “Never Before Seen NASA Footage” featurette, “Scoring Apollo” featurette, Ron Howard introduction

Introducing the Dwights

Tim is just trying to live his life the way he would want to, but he’s simply too shy to just jump right into it. Now not only must he try to balance life between his home life and new girlfriend, but also his comedienne mother that is trying to get back into the spotlight.

DVD Features: None


Marimar is a lonely and lovely woman that lives in a beach hut with her dog and grandparents. One day though a man named Sergio falls in love with Marimar and they soon marry, but the marriage is not received well by Sergio’s rich family.

DVD Features: Three discs full of featurettes and behind the scenes footage

Martian Child

David is a recently widowed science-fiction writer and realizes he needs to do something to cure some of his new found loneliness. Now the choice lies with him to either stay lonely or adopt a hyperactive six year old kid that believes he’s from Mars.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, “Handle With Care” featurette, “The Real Martian Child” featurette

No Reservations

Kate Armstrong is a top chef and has everything going for her. Her life gets turned upside-down when she becomes the legal guardian of her young niece, but with a little help from Nick, things may turn out alright.

DVD Features: Episode of Unwrapped


When a group of students enter a forest with plans of gathering information about an endangered species, they have no idea they are setting themselves up to be eaten. A notorious Sasquatch has already killed more then enough, and now they are next on his list.

DVD Features: None

Romance & Cigarettes

The working class in New York has seen everything in its day, except maybe the lives of the people set into a musical. Follow the journey of a confused husband into the world of infidelity and the choices he must choose between.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, trailers, “Making A Homemade Musical” featurette

Stanley Kramer Film Collection

Stanley Kramer has long been heralded for all of his work and it is clearly and brilliantly displayed in five of his best films: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner / Ship of Fools / The Member of the Wedding / The Wild One / The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, featurette

Tell Me You Love Me – The Complete First Season

Venture into the different, yet similar, lives of three separate couples that all live day to day but all share the same therapist. Each couple is unique in their own ways, but some of their problems are eerily familiar.

DVD Features: All 10 episodes from the first season

We Own the Night

Two brothers on opposite sides of the law learn what it is like when family and doing what is right get mixed together. Brothers are soon pitted against one another and lives are at stake when their father and the Russian mafia get involved.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Police Action” featurette, “A Moment In Crime” featurette

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?

Another one of Tyler Perry’s stage plays has made its way to the big screen and now onto home DVD. The trials and joys of marriage are things that every couple must go through, and when a devilish temptress arrives on the scene, a whole family must learn to adjust.

DVD Features: “Janet Jackson” featurette, “The Score” featurette, “Marriage” featurette

The Wiz (30th Anniversary Edition)

The Wizard Of Oz is truly a classic, but it can be told in a variety of ways including Motown style. A young Diana Ross plays a Dorothy that is full of soul and journeys to an Oz jam packed of other R&B stars.

DVD Features: Theatrical trailer, “Wiz On Down The Road” featurette, bonus soundtrack CD


After an accidental explosion in his science lab, Barney hit his head and developed telekinetic powers that allow him to move things with his mind. Being a teenager surround by beautiful girls; he soon finds some interesting uses for his new powers.

DVD Features: Widescreen and full screen versions

WWE: The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin

He’s cursing, he’s drinking, and he’s looking to stomp a mudhole in anyone’s as….errr, backside. The rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned his way through everyone the WWE and Mr. McMahon could put in front of him and now you can see all of the greatest hits throughout his storied career.

DVD Features: Interviews, backstage segments, matches, and much more