Make Movement: Hardy and Michaels Create One Memorable Main Event

Nothing else matters during last night’s RAW other than the high quality twenty minute main event between Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels. If we could get matches like that each and every week, PPV buy rates would be consistently up because if you can give that kind of work on TV, imagine what those performers could do on Sundays. Hardy and Michaels gave a passionate, well-done match and that could have been the best TV match we’ve seen so far this year. This match should have been pushed harder during the broadcast because it was special and rarely seen to see two faces, who are so similar in ring style and popularity. I don’t believe this is the last time I will see this match and if Hardy can’t get in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania, I’d be perfectly happy to see HBK versus Hardy again if not at WrestleMania, than certainly at SummerSlam.

The first 10 minutes of the show was Hornswoggle versus McMahon and this must be for the benefit of the kids in the audience because this is going to get old quick. The only thing memorable other than the constant plugging of ‘if you want to change the channel to watch the Dog Show go to CNBC now!!!’ was the direct shillelagh shot Vince took from Fit Finley. Chris Jericho and JBL gave a pretty-good 14 minute match immediately following that nonsense but when you put these two guys so soon in the show, it’s hard to believe Jericho is anywhere near the main event picture. Umaga attacking both Jericho and JBL afterwards was a good touch and reemphasized how it is every man for themselves for the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. I wish Umaga had a stronger impact on the show, and I’d love to see him and Big Show work against each other in the future.

I don’t even want to discuss this new incest storyline with Paul Burchill (RRRRRRR!) and his sister, Katie Lea. However, Katie could pass as a Lita, but I’m not looking forward to the depths of low this storyline could go. Another part of the show not worth discussing is Mark Henry (aka You Know I’m Gonna Job) and John Cena, it was the typical cushion momentum-builder for Cena and Orton, but it’s not much of one when everyone knows Henry won’t go over. A good aspect of the show however, was Flair getting some good quality promo time against Kennedy. They should have let Flair have this type of air time all along. I think Flair versus Kennedy will really surprise people in what they do together this Sunday. I still love Santino’s character, it’s consistently good TV, and he is the perfect foil to this Playboy storyline just like Eddy Guerrero was to Chyna.

Finally, since Triple H had a promo video for his role in the Elimination Chamber and based on the high quality of Hardy versus Michaels, that it’s going to be between those three in the Elimination Chamber for the chance to fight the champion at WrestleMania. It’s really a good thing they put in the package because two weeks off of TV is a long time in terms of PPV buildup.

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