Here’s what went down at the most recent iMPACT! tapings.

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Taped for the 14 Feb 08 episode of TNA iMPACT!

– Once again, Jim Cornette tried to get Samoa Joe to sign his new contract, but Christian Cage interrupted. Cage asked Joe to team with him tonight against AJ Styles and Tomko. Joe agreed and AGAIN left without finalizing his deal. Is this angle going to lead to Joe “walking out” because he’s not under contract?

– Team 3-D came to the ring for their match against Shark Boy and Curry Man. Hebner made them weigh in, per the stipulation from the ppv. Devon made it under the new 275-pound weight limit but Ray was over, so the match went down handicap style. Devon beat Shark Boy and Curry Man single-handedly by nailing Curry Man with the scale.

– The scheduled Abyss vs. Scott Steiner match never happened. Abyss headed toward the ring but then turned around and left, apparently too injured from Barbed Wire Massacre II at the ppv. When he left the ring area he had his back to the crowd, and he removed his mask. Since he had no opponent, Steiner challenged anyone in the back to a match and Petey Williams accepted. Steiner defeated Williams, and solidified his heel status during the match.

– Christian Cage was attacked backstage, so Kevin Nash will tag with Samoa Joe instead of Cage.

– Styles and Tomko defeated Joe and Nash via Angleference, allowing Tomko to pin Joe.

– Rellik defeated Eric Young.

– Homicide survived a three-way dance against Chris Sabin and Jimmy Rave.

– Rhino came to the ring and cut a promo on James Storm, challenging him to an Elevation X Match at Destination X. Is this going to become Rhino’s match? You’ll recall he defeated AJ Styles in Elevation X at the Destination X show last year.

– Awesome Kong defeated ODB in a non-title street fight. Gail Kim’s attempts to assist ODB backfired and cost her the match instead. The two got into a shoving match after ODB’s loss to the champ.

– Kurt and Karen Angle renewed their wedding vows (this will air on Valentine’s Day). When the preacher asked if anyone objected, predictably Joe and Nash appeared. They brawled with Angle, and during the battle the preacher’s glasses fell off. Apparently blind without his spectacles, he pronounced Styles and Karen man and wife. Smell the Three’s Company humor! AJ naturally kissed Karen, who freaked out as her real husband Kurt looked on in disbelief.

Taped for Xplosion
– Robert Roode defeated Kaz.

Taped for the 21 Feb 08 episode of TNA iMPACT!

– A non-title match between Booker T and Kurt Angle was announced as the “featured contest” (main event) of the night.

– TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Tomko defeated Kip James & Bullet Bob Armstrong in a championship match. Kip “shocked the world” and turned heel, attacking his senior citizen partner Musket Bob and then going after BG.

– In the ring with Jim Cornette, The Motor City Machineguns and Sonjay Dutt, who were all there to celebrate Jay Lethal’s proud accomplishments in TNA. Lethal cut a promo, then asked out SoCal Val for a date. Her response was a Macho Man-ish “Oh yeah!”

– Kaz beat Rellik. After the match, Black Reign attacked Kaz – go figure. Showtime Eric Young wanted to rescue Kaz, but he was afraid of the freak show. I’d be afraid of Rellik and Reign too – they look like a gay snuff film waiting to happen.

– Petey Williams won a three-way dance over Johnny Devine and Sonjay Dutt to become the number one contender to the X-Division Title. He gets his shot against Lethal at Destination X. Scott Steiner helped Petey win – did they kiss and make up after the ppv? And what was the point of Williams losing the briefcase if he just earned another title shot here?

– Much like the previous week, Brother Ray from Team 3-D defeated Curry Man & Shark Boy in a handicap match. This week Devon didn’t make the 275-pound weight limit. Once again, Team 3-D earned the victory by using the scale as a weapon.

– Roxxi & Jackie defeated Gail Kim & ODB in a Knockouts tag match. There was more miscommunication between ODB and Gail during the match, and the partners brawled afterwards. Guess those two are gonna be feuding soon.

– Kurt Angle defeated Booker T after Robert Roode interfered. Angle and Roode attacked Booker after the match until Christian, Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash made the save. After the brawl, Nash challenged Angle to a match.

Taped for Xplosion

– LAX defeated The Rock And Rave Infection.

– Awesome Kong won an 11-Knockout Gauntlet by pinning Gail Kim.