Backstage Notes on Orton vs. HBK, John Cena’s Rep & the Return of Jonny Fairplay


Jason Powell at reported earlier today that John Cena is respected by fellow wrestlers, and friendly with everyone, but considered a “kiss ass” by some, reacting to the time he is known to spend with Vince McMahon — sometimes over an hour on television days. A backstage source “Cena is definitely Vince’s boy and that’s why Triple H doesn’t even try to fuck with him.”

By contrast, Randy Orton — as we’ve previously written — is getting a reputation as someone who will stand up to HHH, HBK, etc. According to Powell, the third-generation superstar is tight with MVP, Umaga, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, and “one or two others,” and he shows off in front of them, sometimes verbally ribbing Shawn Michaels.

Powell is also reporting that locker room reaction to Jonny Fairplay returning to TNA is “hardly positive.” Apparently last time he was with the company, wrestlers were seriously considering shaving his head. ANYway, he was at the taping on Monday, introduced to the audience, and sitting next to Dixie Carter in the crowd, but not on-camera. He was also hanging out in the locker room with a large, fellow Survivor cast member.


Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.