Captain’s Log: Big Brother – Episode 9-2

Hello all and I’m back to help ring in a brand new season of Big Brother even though the shorts and t-shirts have not yet been broken out. Richard Mauntah has already recapped the first episode and detailed the houseguests and twists that we’ll be seeing this time around. Check out his recap here to find out all the new swerves Julie and the crew have put together.The first episode saw the introductions along with everyone meeting each other and finding their rooms. In a nutshell, one of the main twists this year is that everyone will be competing as one half of a couple. They are all partnered up with someone and will live together, sleep together, get HOH together, and even get evicted together if it comes down to it. All the houseguests are supposed to be single, but there are two that are secretly a couple but not letting anyone else in on it. And one couple that were partnered up and are real-life ex’s. Things are just getting started as Parker and Jen won the first contest along with $10,000 so let’s see where we’re headed tonight.Could Natalie’s boobs be any bigger?Parker and Jen are the first ever “Power Couple” (PC). They get the opportunity to evict the first couple from the house. Jen is happy Ryan will be safe and Parker is already looking forward to ousting Sheila and Adam. Sheila is a beeeeee-yotch!Adam looks like a crack addict when he’s in the Diary Room. Check out his eyes.Sheila is offended by Adam’s comment about retarded people even though she ripped him apart yesterday. Ok. She is so incredibly shallow talking about him behind his back every chance she gets and now is trying to play the good person by sticking up for the mentally handicapped. They just totally hate one another.Ryan and Allison are flirting a lot in front of Jen and she is staring daggers in their direction. That is just so awkward and no matter how much money is on the line, I don’t think I could do what they are. It’s strange but the little moments they get together to talk, Jen and Ryan are truly a cute couple. But sneaking kisses when they can is so not a good idea if they want to keep things a secret.Everyone is outside…Alex is so ecstatic that his soulmate is Amanda. He wants to find love in the BB house…and I know it is relaxed and all, but Amanda looks horrible when she is in the Diary Room. They both seem to like each other…they’re boring though.Jacob is stirring the pot and even says that the worst people there got the first PC. Ryan was not happy about that, but agreed that he doesn’t trust Parker at all. Now he’s talking trash about Parker to Jen, and that is just dumb. These people are in this together and will tell their partners everything. As Jen fakes a contact problem and runs in to tell Joshuah all about the conversation outside and that Jacob thinks Parker is a “snake.” Now Parker is told and is shocked.YES…CONFRONTATION!Jacob now changes the subject to someone else, and Parker jumps on him. Jacob doesn’t think it is Parker’s business yet he told his partner. Dumbass. Parker goes to round up the people Jacob “said” think he is a snake. HA HA…he is actually turning on all the lights in each bedroom and going, “Rise and Shine People!”House meeting and Parker is calling out whoever called him a snake. Allison looks like “Where’s Waldo?” This entire situation has been completely turned around onto Jacob and everyone is hating him big time. They don’t think he has the balls to admit who he “overheard” call Parker a snake. Sharon is pissed because now everyone hates her partner, and Parker came out of this looking like a pimp.Parker and Sharon have a pow-wow. She said she wouldn’t give it up as to who said it. Uh-oh! Sharon blames it on Ryan and this is not going to go down good because of Jen’s relationship with Ryan. Parker now wants Ryan gone…and he’s telling Jen. Jen is now contemplating…NO, she has outed her and Ryan’s relationship to Parker. Damn, that secret twist lasted all of a day. He’s actually happy about it because of their relationship and this could turn out good. Wow, never this early in the season have I actually felt someone had a chance of winning but Parker and Jen…I feel it. Weird.HOLY HELL…now Allison knows. That wasn’t a very good idea. She is scared now strategy wise and I think she actually kind of likes Ryan. Oh she does because she even admits that Ryan would be better off with her.Ryan doesn’t trust Parker.Allison doesn’t trust Jen.Jen doesn’t trust Allison.Parker doesn’t trust Ryan.And there went my weird feeling out the window just that fast.Sheila whines and whines and whines. “Eviction Today” pops up on the TV screen in the living room. Parker and Jen (PC) are trying to make a decision and they are dressed in matching red. Blech!Eviction Ceremony…Jen’s crying, and the first to go are:Jacob and Sharon and Jen wanted Sheila and Adam to go, but they couldn’t get past what Jacob said about Parker. Adam is kind of happy and hugging a crying Sheila. Odd.Holy crap and everyone is screaming, HOH Competition. LOUD NOISES!The PC can compete because they are not HOH and they want to win. A couple that found love will host this competition and it is…YEAH, Eric and Jessica. I could not be happier to see them. They are still together and explain that the couples will be separated and asked six questions each. The partners then come back and must match up their partner’s answers…the most right wins. Virtually, it’s the dating game.Everyone got the first round right. Second round saw five couples get it wrong. And Neil just did a cartwheel in tights. Sheila actually looks hot as a nurse. And good God so does Natalie! Matt and Natalie are 3 for 3 after the first half of the game and winning so far. Sheila is being really huggy-touchy with Adam now. I really think Allison has it bad for Ryan; could be interesting. Final question is worth three points and our first HOH couple is:Amanda and Alex and Allison isn’t happy and is really getting torn by the whole Ryan/Jen relationship. Everyone does the fake happiness for Amanda and Alex winning, but you know all the losers hate it.That’s it for tonight and it is fun so far, but I’m just waiting for the real shenanigans and hate to come rolling out. I will go out on a limb here and now to predict that four couples will hook up with each other, at least one guy and one girl will go outside their partnership to hook up with someone else, and Jen/Ryan is going to end up getting rocky and quickly. Tune in Sunday folks when Josh Clinton does coverage for everything going on inside the Big Brother house. I know you didn’t expect me back so soon, but already this is your Captain speaking and I’ll see you next week as this flight is just getting off the ground.