Smackdown Preview for February 15, 2008


Preview: In love and war
February 15, 2008

On last week’s edition of “The Cutting Edge,” the Rated-R Superstar revealed he plans to ask SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero an important, life-changing question for Valentine’s Day. Later in the night, Diva Eve hinted that he might pop the question to the GM. On this week’s SmackDown, will the Ultimate Opportunist ask the GM to join him in holy mat(rimony)?

Rey Mysterio made it clear how he felt about their relationship when he West Coast Popped Edge, leaving him dazed and confused outside the ring. On this week’s SmackDown, what will the Master of the 619 have to say about the future of the romantic duo? Although Edge’s specific question remains to be revealed, there’s no uncertainty when it comes to what the ultimate underdog sees in his future – the World Title he once held.

And, if Edge does ask the “big question,” how will Vickie respond? How might her answer affect the entire “Guerrero family”?

With No Way Out just two days after this week’s SmackDown and the Elimination Chamber looming, Chamber opponents Batista and United States Champion MVP will kick the show off in a one-on-one encounter. Who will gain the upper hand just 48 hours before stepping into the sadistic structure? And what will the other Chamber participants Undertaker, Big Daddy V, Finlay and The Great Khali do to ready themselves for the opportunity to move on to WrestleMania XXIV and an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship?

After tasting defeat last week in action against Shelton Benjamin, Kane will team with CM Punk to face ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero and Benjamin. Will the Big Red Monster & the Straightedge Superstar earn victory over Guerrero and ECW’s “Gold Standard?” Or will Chavo & Shelton steal a win on SmackDown?

With Valentine’s Day love in the air, will Michelle McCool finally distance herself from the raging Chuck Palumbo and spend more time with Jamie Noble? After the vicious beating Palumbo delivered to Noble last week, he certainly could use some lovin’.

With anticipation building for No Way Out, the Superstars are sure to step up their intensity level a few notches on this week’s SmackDown. What will transpire before they compete in the biggest Elimination Chamber Match in history? Will cupid’s arrow be thrown far off-course with the intensity of Friday Night Smackdown? Tune in at 8/7 CT on The CW Network to find out.

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