New Details Revealed in Benoit Case

The Fayette Daily News and Atlanta Journal-Constitution have revealed new details from the newly-released police report regarding the Benoit double-muder/suicide case.

Some notes:
– Minutes before police believe Nancy was killed on Friday night (6/22), several calls were made from the Benoits’ home phone, including to 411 (the number requested was the non-emergency line of the Fayetteville Police Department, but none of the Benoit phones then called that number) and two to neighbor Holly Schrepfer.
– The next call on the house phone record was on Saturday afternoon at 3:01pm: Holly returning a call she said she got from Chris that morning.
– Nancy had a conversation on June 18 with her friend Pam Clark, saying she was concerned Chris was having an affair with a WWE Diva, that he had been acting strange, having mood swings, and picking fights with her over nothing. Nancy had a feeling something was going to happen to her and kept a record of what Chris had done to her, making Clark promise that if anything happened, she would make sure Chris was investigated.
– Schrepfer told police that Nancy had been afraid after Chris slammed her into a wall, that the couple had frequent fights, and that Nancy had been abusing alcohol and prescription medication to cope.
– Many drugs were found in the home, prescriptions from Dr. Phil Astin. From the Fayette Daily News story:

The report states that a number of types of prescription drugs were found in master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

“Along with the testosterone prescribed to Chris Benoit, investigators located a bottle labeled Carisoprodol (Soma) 350 mg, which was filled May 12, 2007 and contained 40 of the original 100 pills.”

The prescribing doctor was Phil Astin, of Carrollton, according to the report.

The reports states that three prescription bottles for Nancy Benoit of the narcotic hydrocodone (Lorcet) were also found.

One was filled June 19 at CVS in Peachtree City, and 82 of the original 120 remained, the respot states.

A second bottle of hydrocodone prescribed to Nancy was filled June 9 with 120 pills at Publix in Peachtree City. The bottle was empty, according to the report.

And a third bottle prescribed for Nancy Benoit was filled May 30 at the PTC CVS for 120 pills. The report says this bottle was also empty.

Each bottle had apparently been prescribed by the family’s physician, Dr. Phil Astin of Carrollton, the report says.

Prescription bottles of hydrocodone (Lorcet) for Chris Benoit were also found, according to the report.

One bottle was for 120 pills, and was filled June 22, the reports says, and 85 remained. A second bottle was prescribed to Chris Benoit for 120 pills on June 8 and none remained, and a third bottle, prescribed Dec. 1, 2006, and of the 150, 81 remained, the report says.

Again, the report says each bottle had apparently been prescribed by Dr. Astin.

– The report also addressed Nancy being upset with Chris over a life insurance policy, and Sandra Toffolini (Nancy’s sister) had told investigators that Nancy was complaining about Chris not being able to perform in the bedroom.
– In response to the police report, WWE attorney John Taylor said, “I think this absolutely, positively proves this was a domestic dispute. There is a clear motive for murder here. This is not the product of concussions or steroids.”
– Nancy and Chris’ estates are considering lawsuits against WWE, with Michael Benoit (Chris’ father) charging WWE is at fault for not taking care of Chris despite numerous concussions suffered over the years.

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