Random Reality: Big Brother – Episode 9-3

Big Brother 9 is in full swing now, but for how long? This was the first “Winter” edition of the show, but now that the strike is over could this be the fastest version of the game so far. Looks like it as they automatically cut down the number of eliminations in half by making this a “couples game”. In fact, one team went home last week in Jacob and Sharon. That got rid of one twist of having two ex’s being reunited right away. And it looks like the second twist could be in jeopardy next. Talk about taking the feet from right underneath you. Anyways Big Brother 9 looks to be a fantastic game that will sadly only be around for two months at the max! Recap of what went down on Thursday to start. Jacob and Sharon went home. Amanda and Alex won HOH. None of the other teams were that happy about Amanda and Alex winning HOH on Wednesday. Except maybe Matt and Natalie who seem to be aligned with them somewhat. Chelsia doesn’t like Amanda’s “ridiculously short shorts” and doesn’t like her princess attitude. Ryan and Jen are worried about their secret getting outted and them being targets as a results.Time for the big memory wall to be revealed and Amanda ALMOST got all Jen on us by saying that she hates her picture. She doesn’t cry, though. Matt thinks he is the best looking thing ever. Jen made a mistake and claimed that she is going to win. Parker didn’t like that all. Her cockiness could kill them in the end and he lets her know about it.Allison doesn’t like being partnered with Ryan, because his girlfriend is Jen. Allison says she would never be in an alliance with Jen. So Allison talks to Parker about this. Then, in comes Jen and Ryan. Allison doesn’t trust Ryan or Jen and threatens to tell everyone the secret if Jen acts all bitchy to her at all. Ryan is in a tough spot, but them the breaks. Ryan promises that he is loyal to Allison first, though. But Allison is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Amanda tells Chelsia, James, and Neil that her dad committed suicide a few years ago so basically she can handle anything now since everything else is minor compared to that. Alex really does have a lot in common with Amanda. Alex’s dad got killed in 9/11. Although, I hope they don’t play up those subject too much because it can be too much too quickly. Adam is called the “Hooded Warrior” by some people because apparently he is not circumcised. Too much information. Jen wants to see it, but whatever. Allison is running her mouth off to Sheila. For the record, stupid Jacob allowed Adam and Sheila to stay in the house, and Sheila is completely annoying. She is the oldest person in the house, but yet she acts so immature.Parker eventually lets the secret out of the bag before Allison can. He tells Alex and Matt. Alex and Matt think Parker is being a hypocrite because he didn’t tell them sooner. Jen comes in and they tell Natalie and Amanda the secret as well. Amanda and Natalie can’t believe it. Matt tells Allison he know and that starts off an annoying chain reaction of Allison and Jen yelling at each other. Allison didn’t tell anyone, but Jen and Ryan thought she did so Allison does and now the whole house knows. And for the first time, I’m actually fast-forwarding through this nonsense as Jen is too annoying. This sucks for Parker as I want him to win, but I don’t want Jen to win. Allison makes sure everyone knows by telling Josh and Neil. Josh gets the idea that everyone knows someone in the house, which is not true. But they bring out the holy Bible and we get a house meeting. Everyone swears on the Bible that they don’t know anyone in the house for whatever good that does. This is all amusing. Matt and Alex make a pact that they will take each other to the end with their women. That should be fun. They decide that they need to put up both Parker and Jen and Ryan and Allison. They agree with me and wish that Parker wasn’t with Jen, but that’s how this game goes. Allison and Sheila make up their own twist and tell Josh that they are lesbians. This is utterly ridiculous. How can anyone believe that? Apparently Chelsia and Neil. Allison actually thinks this will help them. Meanwhile, Sheila continues to badmouth Adam. Alex and Matt call out Sheila and that gives Adam the chance to confront her and she goes off on him. Sheila needs to go before anyone else, but Jacob HAD to screw things up! Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Allison, Jen, Ryan, and Parker all are worried, because of the Jen/Ryan relationship. Adam is worried about being put up because of Sheila, but that probably won’t happen right now. Amanda and Alex pull the keys of Sheila and Adam first. They pull Chelsia and James. They pull Matt and Natalie. They finally pull Josh and Neil. So that means:Allison andRyanare nominated along with:Jen andParkerAmanda and Alex feels this is the best thing for the house and I agree, except for Parker. Jen and Allison vow to destroy each other. Ryan was worried about the secret getting out and it’s out and Jen is really cocky now. She thinks Ryan is going home for sure. Parker is just worried about Jen opening up her dumbass mouth and costing them to go home! That was funny! Once again, this season so far can be blamed on Jacob! Sheila is STILL alive and perhaps a good guy with a horrible partner will be going home. But there is always the “Power of Veto”! So be sure to come back Tuesday for that and much more!Sir Linksalot: Big Brother 9