5oz’s of Fury: Brock Lesnar, Iceman vs. Shogun, and more!

Yeah, I know it’s been a month. We really should do this more often. If you don’t mind, I say we just get right to the mixed martial arts…

Brock Lesnar – I didn’t get the opportunity to kibitz on this a few weeks ago, but I was really impressed with Brock Lesnar’s debut. Yeah, he needs to work on his submission defense, but before there he was really beating the hell out of Frank Mir. Even prior to the leg lock that ended the fight, Mir tried for three different arm bars that Lesnar simply pulled his arm out of, then continued to punch him in the face. I’m assuming the UFC will give Lesnar a few lesser-caliber opponents for his next few fights just to help build him up. That said, both he and Brendan Vera are rumored to be on UFC 85, so who knows.

UFC 83: Serra/St. Pierre 2 – That should read the SOLD OUT UFC 83: Serra/St. Pierre 2. Do you think the UFC wishes they though to branch into Canada sooner? Besides Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre (where things don’t look good for Serra, but the same was said aboot the New York Giants), the UFC also announced Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter, Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes, Michael Bisping making his Middleweight debut vs. Charles McCarthy, and Mac Danzig making his UFC PPV debut against Mark Bocek. More importantly than any of this? The show is two days after my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

The Iceman vs. Shogun – Dana White promised nothing but dream matches in the Light-Heavyweight division, and he appears to be keeping their promise in June. Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun Rua is rumored to be the main event when the organization returns to England in June. The two fighters were long considered the number one and number two in their weight class, but while Liddell is coming off of a huge victory over Wanderlei Silva, Shogun needs to bounce back after a huge loss against Forest Griffin.

Fedor, the Reality Show? – I can’t remember where I read this, so let me apologize up if I’m stealing someone else’s news without proper citation. Apparently there is talk of M-1 Global launching a new reality show. It’d be a tournament of heavyweight fighters, and the winner would get the opportunity to fight Fedor Emelianenko. I’m sure there would probably be cash or a new car involved as well. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are.

Elite XC – Memo to Elite XC, when a fighter is rocking the beer gut, don’t refer to them as being in great shape. You just sound silly. Someone sent me an e-mail that said it better, “a friend of mine summed up Ricco Rodriguez the best, ‘Who’s that jiggly bitch?’ That made me laugh out loud.” It’s also hardly a huge win when you beat a guy who has gone 1-8 since the late 90’s. I’m just sayin’.

And because you’ve waited patienly long enough, here’s Rachelle Leah