Oh come on…Again???

Once again the Dallas Mavericks are close to a deal with the New Jersey Nets to obtain PG Jason Kidd despite all the troubles the first attempted trade went through. This version of the trade is said to exchange Dallas Guard/Foward Trenton Hassell for Jerry Stackhouse and semi-retired Keith Van Horn for Devean George. That would make the deal Harris, Hassell, Van Horn, Diop, Ager, 2 first round picks and 3 million dollars to New Jersey for Kidd and Malik Allen.

That trade would give Dallas as good of a top 4 in the league, but would destroy their bench which would eventually cost them in the playoffs. I’m not sure why teams are even trying, when LA gets Bynum healthy, they will be a force and I would say the NBA finals are already set with LA scheduled to take on Boston. But what do I know?

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