Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of WWE RAW for 2/18/2008

Wrestlemania shapes up with the main event being revealed!  Two superstars enter the Money in the Bank and Maria is victorious over the Women’s Champion!  That was the good…and the downright ugly involves Mr. McMahon and JBL…destroying Hornswoggle inside a steel cage!  Click through for full results!

No opening video and we are LIVE from Anaheim, California!  “The King of Kings” Triple H begins the show tonight.  Last night at No Way Out, Triple H won the RAW Elimination Chamber Match and he will go onto Wrestlemania to face Randy Orton for the title!  His music dies down and the crowd support is overwhelming.  Triple H is very happy tonight, unlike last year when he was handicapped.  The Game is back where he belongs.  He vows to become the new Champion at Wrestlemania.

Hold your horses, however.  Randy Orton is making his way to the ring.  Once inside the ring, Randy has a microphone and he is booed like no one has been booed before.  Randy Orton runs the circle of people he has beaten or got DQ’ed by to retain the championship.  Randy Orton goes back in time when he won the title four years ago.  Triple H was jealous then, and he is even more so now.  Randy has beaten the rest and that is a fact.

We’re not done yet.  John Cena makes his way onto the stage and he makes a beeline to the ring!  He stops the show and he mockingly introduces Randy Orton as the WWE Champion.  He is the first champion to be a liar and a loser.  Orton is the first champion to lose his way to Wrestlemania.  “Cena Sucks” chants run wild until Cena challenges Orton to a rematch tonight.  Orton tries to get Triple H to side with him, but he is having none of it, saying he doesn’t care who the champion is.

For some more fun, we have to include William Regal, who is going to mediate the argument.  Triple H is going to Wrestlemania and that is guaranteed.  Randy Orton disgraces William Regal so he books Cena v. Orton for tonight, non-title…of course.  If Cena wins, the title match at Wrestlemania will be a Triple Threat.  Triple H complains about this, so Regal makes him the special referee.


We are back and Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring with new music.  Somebody tell me the song title and artist by commenting below this post!  His opponent…Snitsky!

Snitsky v. Jeff Hardy
Money in the Bank Qualifer

They circle the ring, but Snitsky is too strong…and stinky.  Hardy gets introduced to the turnbuckle and that was not a good meeting.  Hardy scores with a mid-level dropkick and he follows up with the turnbuckle dropkick!  He climbs the turnbuckle and Snitsky sends him south.  Snitsky sends Hardy out to the floor as we head to commerials.


Back to the action and Hardy is in a bearhug.  Hardy battles out of it and he runs into a brick wall for two!  Snitsky continues to punish Hardy with his vicious feet.  He drops the elbow for two!  Hardy gets choked out at the ropes while Snitsky follows the rules!  He rams Hardy into the turnbuckle and he drops several elbows for two!  Elbow to the back into a crossface applied by Snitsky.  Hardy looks like he is going to pass out.  Snitsky foregoes the crossface and goes for a headlock instead.  Hardy fights back up and he gets clubbed to the back.  Scoop slam by Snitsky and he MISSES the leg drop!  Hardy gets back up and he nails some forearms.  Flying lariat connects for one!  WHISPER IN THE WIND gets a long two count and Hardy looks to end it.  Twist of Fate is countered to the Big Boot….for two!  Snitsky hits the short-arm clothesline and he looks for the Pumphandle Slam…TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY!  He climbs the ropes and he hits the SWANTON!  One, Two, THREE!

Winner:  Jeff Hardy
Grade:  C+

He celebrates with the overlooking Intercontinental Title.

WWE Mobile Voting:  Should Maria pose for Playboy?

Last night, The Big Show returns and gets a broken nose for his troubles!  Mayweather is here tonight!


No Way Out recap.  Check out Steve Murray’s report!

We are back and Mike Adamle is in the ring for the first time in his career.  He introduces Shawn Michaels for the announcement of the first person to be inducted in the 2008 Hall of Fame.  He is sore, tired, and beat up.  The first inductee is…. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

Shawn isn’t finished yet.  He asks everyone to join him to congratulate Ric Flair for his dedication.  He goes “WOOOOOOOO!”

Tonight:  John Cena v. Randy Orton with Triple H the guest referee!  This is Cena’s Last Chance!


The WWE Slammy returns to WWE.com Saturday Night!

Coming down the aisle…Paul Burchill and Katie Lea!  In the ring…Super Crazy!  Who’s gonna job?

Paul Burchill v. Super Crazy
Standard Match

The bell sounds and Super Crazy GETS SOME OFFENSE IN!  Too bad it’s short-lived as Burchill nails a modified version of a GTS.  Burchill doesn’t let up and he hooks on a key lock, and I am guessing at that move.  Crazy fights back, but Burchill uses his head to gain momentum.  Burchill scores a clothesline and he nails the curb stomp for three!

Winner:  Paul Burchill
Grade:  D

Tonight:  Vince McMahon v. Hornswoggle in a STEEL CAGE!

Backstage, Shane McMahon and Big Show talk.  They are coming out to the ring…NEXT!


Last night, Floyd Mayweather Jr. owns Big Show!

Triple H is in the back on the cell phone.  Randy Orton walks in and he says that Cena cannot win tonight.  Triple H says that Randy Orton is playing mind games with the master of them.  Whatever he does tonight will favor him and no one else.

Last night, Big Show returns and he suffers a broken nose!  You saw that somewhere, didn’t you?

Nice of them to use the acoustic version of his theme by Brand New Sin.  He has a microphone and he speaks.  He was asked to apologize for his actions at No Way Out last night.  He invites Floyd Mayweather to come out to the ring.  Mayweather acknowledges the request, followed by his entourage.  Mayweather has the mic and he gets a cheap pop!  He starts off saying that he loves publicity and that he is a life-long WWE fan.  He’s sorry for what happened last night, but when someone calls him out…he has to respond.  Big Show apologizes again and he extends the hand.  They shake on it and Mayweather leaves the ring.  Big Show isn’t done yet…he has something to get off his chest!  The only way Mayweather could hurt him was on his knees.  Mayweather continues to walk away as Big Show talks.  He challenges Mayweather to a fight.  Mayweather runs back in the ring and he gets closer to Big Show.  He accepts the challenge!  Mayweather stands inches from Big Show and he fakes him out!  They leave the ring as J.R. can’t believe what just happened.


We are back as the commentators talk about Big Show/Mayweather.  Our next match is another Money in the Bank Qualifying match!  Mr. Kennedy comes out with NEW MUSIC!  What’s with the new music tonight?  His opponent doesn’t get an entrance, nor is he on RAW that often…Val Venis.

Mr. Kennedy v. Val Venis
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Kennedy treats Venis like the jobber he has become.  He sends him to the corner repeatedly and works on the arm.  DDT connects for two!  Kennedy continues to work on the arm, but Val gets an armdrag, but Kennedy holds on!  J.R. notes that six men will be involved this year, as per tradition.  Somebody remind him that last year was an eight man match.  Back to the contest as Val walks into the Mic Check for the pin.

Winner:  Mr. Kennedy
Grade:  D

Tonight:  Cena’s Last Chance

But first, the cage comes down!  McMahon v. Hornswoggle is NEXT!


Last week:  Parenting 101.
This week:  Parenting 201.

Inside the cage is Mr. McMahon, who does NOT have new music tonight.  Hornswoggle comes out with Finlay!

Mr. McMahon v. Hornswoggle
Steel Cage Match

Finlay enters the cage and he talks some reason to Vince, but he is not buying it.  The referees escort him out of the cage, but JBL sneaks up from behind and he destroys Finlay!  JBL handcuffs Finlay to the top rope!  Vince undoes the belt as Finlay tries to get free.  McMahon beats his kid with the belt!  Finlay gets a shot too and Vince beats his kid like a red headed stepchild.  Vince goes to leave the cage as JBL grabs Hornswoggle by the throat!  He tosses him TO THE STEEL!  I’m seriously about to turn this off.  Big Boot connects by JBL, as does an elbow drop.  JBL hoists him in the air for a Fallaway Slam…and he hits it!  Hornswoggle’s back snaps off the steel cage and he is out cold.  Vince says that it is enough…  EMT’s come out and they check on Hornswoggle. 

No Match.
Grade:  F (Penalty)


Tomorrow Night:  Ric Flair makes a rare ECW appearance!

We are back as we get a recap of what just happened.  J.R. calls it one of the most disturbing things he’s seen.  Cue the Italian music of Santino Marella!  Maria is with him as we will find out if Maria will pose for Playboy.  But first, Santino has some GREAT news!  In his hand, Santino has a contract with Playboy.  But first, Maria has to take on The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Maria v. Beth Phoenix
Non-title Match

But first…the fine print.  She can only pose for Playboy if she beats Beth Phoenix tonight.  The bell rings and Beth owns Maria in the opening minute.  Beth continues to take Maria to the limits for two!  Stiff kick to the boobies by Phoenix, followed by a back breaker.  Maria fights back and a tilt-a-whirl powerslam gets two!  Beth looks for a Fisherman’s buster, but Candice Michelle makes her RAW Return!  Maria ROLLS UP BETH PHOENIX FOR THREE!  Maria gets to pose for Playboy!  Santino is surprised!

Winner:  Maria
Grade:  D+

Backstage, Triple H puts on the referee shirt.  The main event…is NEXT!


It’s Main Event time!

John Cena v. Randy Orton
Special Referee:  Triple H
If John Cena wins, it will be Cena v. Orton v. Triple H for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XXIV!

The bell sounds and they circle the ring.  Greco-Roman lock in the center of the ring and Cena overpowers Orton in the corner.  Opposite corner, Orton gains the advantage.  Cena fights back, but Orton nails a dropkick!  He taunts the crowd as Cena gets up.  Orton collides into Cena, who collides head first to the commentary table.


We are back and Cena begins to build momentum.  Scoop Slam, elbow drop, and pin attempt…gets two!  Orton rolls out of the ring to take a powder.  Cena catches Orton and he bashes his brains on the announcer’s table.  Back inside the ring, Orton gets the SPIKE DDT! That gets two!  Orton clubs the back as the fans chant “RKO!”  Cena is a one-man fighting machine, but Orton gets a powerslam for TWO!  Orton nails the random kicks across Cena’s body.  He slaps Cena around before dropping the knee to the temple.  He gets a cover for two!  Orton applies a headlock, but Cena tries to get out of it.  Protobomb connects!  Cena charges, but Orton ducks and Cena hits the corner.  Orton rolls Cena up for two!  Orton continues to own Cena in the corner.  Moving along to the other corner as we get “Randy Sucks” chants!  In the center, Cena fires with the rights!  Cena hits a couple shouldblocks!  Protobomb…FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE…FU Attempt, but Orton has the ropes!  Orton hangs Cena up on the ropes and Orton looks to send Cena on the outside.  Both men battle on the outside and Orton sends Cena to the stairs!  Orton sends Cena in the ring and he stalks him.  RKO–COUNTERED to the STFU!  STFU!  Cena has it locked in!   Orton inches his way to the ropes and he gets there.  Cena stares at Triple H.  Orton tries to gain advantage…FU!  Cena gets the win…and the Pedigree for his troubles!

Winner:  John Cena
Grade:  B+

Triple H has the WWE Title and he holds it in the air while Orton gets up.  He drops the title and he Pedigrees Orton!

Show Over. 

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The RAW Report Card

Jeff Hardy d. Snitsky (C+)
Paul Burchill d. Super Crazy (D)
Mr. Kennedy d. Val Venis (D)
Mr. McMahon v. Hornswoggle never “officially” got started (F – Penalty)
Maria d. Beth Phoenix (D+)
John Cena d. Randy Orton (B+)
Extra Credit:  Big Show / Floyd Mayweather segment

The Final Grade for WWE RAW 2/18/2008:  D+

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