WrestleMania Celebrity Notes

As expected, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., appeared on this week’s Raw to set up a WrestleMania match involving Big Show. Personally, I thought the angle was a bit underwhelming compared with the awesome No Way Out altercation, but I’m intrigued to see where this goes over the next few weeks.

Speaking of celebs and WWE, fresh off of the incredible Internet buzz over her nude photo shoot for New York Magazine (don’t click that if you’re not of age!), Lindsay Lohan was backstage at Raw last night.

Oh, and that Eminem story from last week (that he was training to be at Mania) turned out to be false.

Finally, here’s a potential Mania spoiler:

According to PWInsider.com, WWE is throwing around the idea of a celebrity battle royal, and K-Fed was mentioned as a possible participant.

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