Captain’s Log: Big Brother – Episode 9-5

Welcome to your Big Brother coverage here on the brand new Inside Pulse. We’ve changed right along with all the new twists that the BB houseguests and all the new twists they must endure. Things are getting hot and heavy and we’ve got two couples up for eviction so let’s see what happens as the secrets are getting out and the hatred is beginning to get tossed around big time in what is supposed to be a season of love.

Howdy everyone and your Captain is back this week with another episode of Big Brother 9. Previously Amanda and Alex got the first HOH couple and targeted Ryan and Jen since they are a real life couple. That means of course Parker and Allison are in trouble too, but neither could get the first POV with Natalie and Matt getting that. Tensions are rising big time and the POV is staying put so Jen and Ryan need to battle each other now in order to stay in the house. Evictions and the new HOH get revealed this evening on “Til’ Death Do You Part.”

Hi Julie!

Day fourteen and the emotional firestorm is blazing. Jen and Ryan’s dumb asses admitted that they were a real couple after only two days. But everyone in the house has turned on Amanda because she has quite possibly the biggest mouth ever. She is instigating with everyone and it’s getting around because…duh, you all live in the same house moron. Natalie is trying to play both sides, but knows talking with Amanda will get her in trouble. My God this is one big high school with all the gossip.

Chelsia confronts Amanda and calls her out in the hot tub. Joshuah joins in now and tells her that everyone in the house hates her. HOLY HELL!

Joshuah: “Get back to the stable horseface. Giddy-up!” HA!

Joshuah splashes water at Amanda and then throws his towel in her direction. He has successfully turned the entire house against her. Alex finally has to explain to her that if you talk about one person, you talk about the other and they WILL find out. My God, how much sense needs to be beaten into her head. Amanda again brings up that her dad hung himself. Sympathy and random much? But Joshuah did say a noose comment so that was kinda mean.

Sharon and Parker talking to Amanda in the bathtub who is crying and all that. She then asks Parker if she is ugly and really looks like a horse. That right there takes any sympathy I had for her away because I was starting to feel bad for her, but that proves she is just shallow and was using her dad’s death as a pity party.

Totally keep forgetting that Neil is gone and Sharon is back by the way.

Jen knows the odds are against her so now it is anything goes. Man, she is talking trash about Ryan now to Sheila. Ok, its one thing to want to win but to start telling people Ryan is a racist and everything? She knows this is going to be on TV and he’ll eventually see this right? Sheila is starting stuff now telling Ryan that he doesn’t realize what is going on behind his back. Sheila just busted out Jen to Ryan and what she said. Uh-oh!

Ryan tells Jen they need to talk, and Jen is acting dumbfounded. She says they aren’t going to let this game affect their relationship and she has done “nothing” behind his back. Once again, LIVE TELEVISION! Jen now admits it in a weird way trying to make herself look ok while telling “the truth.” Ryan settles things with Parker and says he isn’t a racist. Jen comes in. She is crying to Sheila now and yelling at her.

Wow, I hate a new person in the house with every episode.

Jen is yelling at Allison saying this doesn’t involve her or anyone yet she started it by talking to Sheila. Ryan calls Jen a “pretty bad person.” Ryan knows he was thrown under the bus and this goes way beyond anything going on in this house. She is twisting words now saying she didn’t say something one way, but a better way and she loves him. I hope Ryan leaves her ass.

Everyone is gathered in the main room. Julie starts with Sheila and discusses Adam with her. They now say they are doing great as a couple. Ok. Jen and Ryan are singled out now, and Jen says she has no regrets in the game (like when she called him a racist?), and she cries and says if she leaves or he does, she can’t wait to see him again. Ryan says the same. Only three people are totally sure there are no other real-life couples in the house.

Voting is coming up in the Diary Room. Matt and Natalie want Ryan and Allison gone. Chelsia and James want Jen and Parker gone because they are bad bunkmates. Heh.

Alex and Amanda are in the HOH bedroom. Amanda is asked about the big fight the other day and she forgives them because things were said in anger. Both are playing the game for their fathers since they both tragically lost them. Alex knows his father is watching and Amanda has no regrets sharing the story of her father’s death.

Diary Room again as Joshuah and Sharon think Jen and Parker should stay. Sheila and Adam are torn…Sheila likes Allison and Ryan while Adam wants them gone.

Votes are in and both couples can address the house first. Ryan would like to stay and keep building relationships with everyone. Allison sounds corny. Very corny. Jen thanks everyone for being “smokin’ hot.” Alright. Parker is happy for not being judged by everyone and them getting to know him. By a vote of 3 – 1, the next to be evicted are:

Jen And Parker


Wow, did not see that one coming. And obviously by the look on her face, neither did Jen. Hugs and tears all around. I just noticed Chelsia has a huge tat on her back. Jen and Ryan share a moment. I love how Julie always has to tell the newly evicted to drop their bags. Ryan is looking quite somber right now and now they are all looking at the wall of pictures. I still can’t get over Natalie’s boobs. My God.

Jen is asked if she would change things now and have not admitted her and Ryan’s relationship, but she thinks eventually she would have still told Parker. Parker spilled it all when he thought Allison would speak their secret and to him, “it is what it is.” Allison says her goodbyes and kinda rips Jen. Ryan loves her and will be fighting for her. They still get to leave with five grand each so it isn’t all bad.

HOH Competition Time. Alex and Amanda must sit out of course. Tonight is called “Big Brother Democracy.” Couples must answer six questions according to how the majority answer. Most questions right at the end wins. For the next 72 hours thanks to the first question, the house won’t have hot water. So whatever the majority rules here, really happens. The women must now wear a bathing suit for the next 24 hours.

Sharon is so not pretty.

The house now loses drinking cups for a week. Ugh. The fourth question gives the house a margarita party over an outdoor grill, but…no drinking cups. HA! Fifth question makes the women cook dinner for the next week. Chelsia and James are winning. Finally, the house must go two weeks without a washing machine. But our new HOH couple is:

Chelsia and James


Screaming…SCREAMING! Interesting but everyone actually seems happy with each other after this competition. Back in the main room, Chelsia and James are ecstatic. Ryan and Allison are spoken to now, but Allison is happy to be able to spend time with Ryan now without Jen around. Veeerrryyy Eeen-teresting!

Nominations come up Sunday and POV is on Tuesday so stay with us here at the new Inside Pulse for all the happenings in this early season of Big Brother. The houseguests finish this week by just talking about the recent HOH competition and all the things they’ve lost or gained. Good times. I’ll see you next week everyone. This is your Captain speaking, and I’m sure there will be more turbulence to come so be ready.

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