Full Impact Pro “Redefined” Live Report – 2/16/08

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Erik Stevens (C) vs. Roderick Strong

Handicap Match – Losing Team Can Never Wrestle In FIP Again
Black Market vs. The Heartbreak Express

FIP Florida Heritage Title Match
Sal Rinauro (C) vs. Tyler Black

Anything Goes Match
Necro Butcher vs. Nigel McGuinness

FIP Tag Team Title Match
YRR Members Kenny King & Jason Blade (C) vs. Robert Anthony & Shawn Osbourne

YRR Member’s Rain & Lacey vs. Allison Danger & Trenesha

YRR Memeber Chaysn Rance vs. Seth Delay

Career vs. Managerial Licence Match
Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards. If Austin Aries wins, Dave Prazak can never manage in FIP again. If Aries loses, he can never wrestle in FIP again.

Thanks to Brian McLoone for sending in the following report!

Austin Aries beat Davey Richards, even with YRR interference. Great opening match. Very intense with lots of great action. (JK adds: NO!!!! No more Prazak???!?)

Chasyn Rance beat Seth Delay in a so-so match. Not much time spent in the ring and it was way too short. But the time in the ring was solid.

Jason Blade and Kenny King retained their titles after they beat two men I’ve never seen before, local talent Robert Anthony and Shawn Osbourne. Pretty good match even though the new guys seemed a bit green. They still put on a hell of a show and there’s a load of talent there.

Nigel McGuiness beat Necro Butcher in what amounted to a garbage match. They spent most of the time outside hitting each other with chairs and Nigel gave Necro WAY too much offense for my liking. But when they were in the ring Nigel just kicked the crap out of Necro.

Lacey and Rain beat Alison Danger and Trenesha in an OK match. Better than the WWE ladies but just didn’t meet my expectations for these girls.

Sal Rinuaro beat Tyler Black to retain the Florida Heritage Championship in a great match. Lots of back and forth action with a number of near falls. Black fought off the YRR for as long as he could, but the game of “numbers” came in and it was too much for him.

Shawn Murphy of the Black Market (his partner was attacked by two men in ski masks) beat The Heartbreak Express in a loser leaves FIP match. Very bloody hardcore brawl that included forks, garbage cans, cookie sheets and chains. After the match the two men in ski masks beat the crap out of the other half of Black Market and left soon after. While leaving one man tried to growl at a kid but the kid just laughed at him. I found this funny. (JK adds: Yeah, I find it funny too. I found it funny that no one can scare kids like CHUCK TAYLOR!)

Roderick Strong beat Erick Stevens by a 20 countout to win the FIP Championship. This match will be on the ROH Newswire so we were instructed before to yell as loud as we could. The match was excellent, better than their Eddie Graham Tournament match. Great technical wrestling to start off and then it got very sick with stiff shot after stiff shot. The chops to the chest left both men’s chests very red and I couldn’t even begin to count the number of stiff shots each man took. Halfway through the match Strong hit Stevens with the belt outside the ring. The ref went to go for the DQ but Strong stopped him before he could and pleaded with him. By the way, I started a Let Them Fight chant. I don’t know why I mentioned it, just seemed cool the entire place erupted in a chant I started (I’m such a geek). Stevens ended up bloodied up by the end. They match went 35 minutes and ended with a ref bump, Strong took Stevens out on the outside woke the ref up and even though he tried and ALMOST made it Stevens couldn’t make the count. The match was great but the ending bothered me a bit. I wanted a clean win from either man. Also for the Newswire, Strong was playing heel but in FIP he is normally a huge face.

All in all it was a great show, not the best FIP show I’ve been to, but still pretty damn great.