In Hindsight: American Idol 08/02/19 (Top 12 Guys )

You know, I was going to go over each singer and criticize their choice of songs, but at this point I pretty much have to criticize the producers for imposing a theme on what are the most critical weeks for the contestants. A theme week doesn’t let the singers showcase what they can do, and actually penalizes those singers who didn’t get pimped during the first two stages of the show.

What this means to me is that if the theme weeks continue, there three guys who are locks for the Final 12 – David Archuleta, Danny Noriega and Michael Johns. We know them from the Audition/Hollywood stages, and the viewers have gotten a feel for who they are.

That means that there are three spots up for grabs. Jason Castro and David Cook have taken the lead for those spots and should be safe this week. David Hernandez and Colton Berry were decent, but not memorable. That leaves Chikezie Eze, Jason Yeager, Robbie Carrico, Luke Menard and Kalan PorterGarrett Haley. Out of these five, Jason, Luke and Garrett were spectacularly boring, and frankly made a very, very poor choice of songs – something that again can be attributed to the stupid theme week. Two of these three guys are going home, and I’m going to predict that Jason and Garrett are the victims of a poor decision by the producers.

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