JBL Makes a Statement, J.R. Blogs on No Way Out, Storm Discusses Undertaker & MMA

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his Web site, where he talks about Floyd Mayweather, WrestleMania, The Rock, Lindsey Lohan having a long conversation with John Cena backstage at Raw, Andy Pettitte, Paul Burchill, his evolving announcing style, a recent study on behaviors associated with wrestling fans and more. On No Way Out, he writes:

No Way Out felt like it over delivered, based on the predictions of some going into the event. I was skeptical of one event having two Elimination Chamber bouts on it, but the two contests really delivered and were both different in match structure. My black hat is off to all involved in the process. Personally, I thought the Undertaker, especially, had a superb night among the many WWE Superstars who distinguished themselves.

Speaking of The Undertaker, in a recent commentary, Lance Storm breaks down Taker’s decision to add an MMA hold to his repertoire:

Even if we put that “choke” issue aside, this [Undertaker’s Gogoplata] is a poor choice for a finish on so many levels. For starters, any move done from you back is likely a poor pro-wrestling finish. In MMA being on you back is not a bad thing, because you can’t be pinned, but in pro-wrestling that is the worst possible position to be in. For years, since pro-wrestling’s inception actually, fans have been educated to the fact that if you are on your back and someone is on top of you, you are in a bad position. Someone as dominant and powerful as the Undertaker should almost never be in this position, let alone put himself in it voluntarily. I remember watching the AWA as a fan and hearing a commentator joke that Nick Bockwinkle (AWA World Champ at the time) doesn’t even sleep on his back, and I remember thinking that was such a great line because staying off your back is the single most important thing in wrestling.

Storm has also posted an update on his knee surgery, Edge’s singing and more. Also, in the “TV Thoughts” section of his site, Storm discusses Raw, particularly the Mayweather angle (he liked it) and JBL’s beat-down on Hornswoggle (he didn’t like it).

JBL blogged about said beat-down over on WWE.com, telling Hornswoggle and Finlay not to take it personally, and that, “I didn’t return for a swan song. I didn’t return for a trip down memory lane. I returned to the ring because I am still the best in the business. I returned to the ring to be a world champion again.”

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