Missing Links on Hogan, Flair, Angle, Joe & More

The Missing LinkHulk Hogan’s telling MTV.com that he should face Ric Flair at WrestleMania. “”They need a main event real bad,” Hogan said in part of the MTV.com interview. “When I think about Ric Flair styling and profiling, when I think about Hulk Hogan going [head to head] with Ric Flair in my backyard, Florida … I think that’s where it’s at. They got a lot of tickets, brother, that need to be sold. The power of the ‘Mania, brother? Could be strong. Either he’ll put me out for good, or I’ll put him out for good. One or the other. That would be the match of the new millennium. Hogan vs. Flair. Maybe get Vince McMahon as a special guest referee. Me and Flair both hate Vince.”

But wait… isn’t Hogan starting his own promotion to compete with WWE?

In other news…

For the latest on Nick Hogan’s legal troubles, click here.

Ashley Massaro, rumored to be dating Paul London a little while ago, is now listing herself as “single” on MySpace (and she wrote a recent negative blog post about Valentine’s Day).

Karen Angle’s opened a MySpace account.

TNA star Samoa Joe talks about his start in wrestling, his style and more.

Steve Austin doesn’t feel Flair is getting booked as good as possible leading into his retirement.

Episode 1 of the “Heyman Hustle,” former ECW head Paul Heyman’s new Web show, features Survivor star — and former-and-maybe-soon-to-be-present TNA talent — Jonny Fairplay.

Conde Nast Portfolio has a good article on UFC vs. WWE on PPV here.

WWE announced a dividend increase here.

WWE is being sued over the Gangrel name.

More on Lindsay Lohan at Monday’s Raw: it was part of a Sunshine Foundation of Canada “dream” granted to a little kid backstage, according to Access Hollywood. The UK Sun, meanwhile, is teasing that WWE wants Lohan at Mania.

Speaking of Mania, there’s a good blog post on the Raw main event at BaltimoreSun.com, and an article on wrestlers vs. boxers here.

Finally, WWE.com is reporting that Great Khali translator Ranjin Singh fractured his patella at No Way Out. Assuming this is true, we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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