Richly Deserved: Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 7

This week’s episode focused quite rightly on the feud that has, for the most part, managed to fuel this show. The disrespect, even hatred between Piers and Omarosa reached it’s peak. And there was no question this made for outstanding television.

It was fitting that Trump fired no one. After all, who would want someone else to steal the spotlight that rightly belonged to Piers and Omarosa? Besides, Empressario was the better team this week and just because some British twit on the other team has a bigger Rolodex than any one of them shouldn’t be justification for someone going home. Congratulations to Tito, Marilu, Stephen, and Trace (who has been the real superstar of the show to this point) for playing in the real spirit of the game.

Unfortunately, Carol and Lennox were the closest to the line of fire. Both of them did their best under the circumstances and contributed to the win. I don’t envy either one of them in the least for having to put up with what they were subject to.

Piers, to his credit, has amassed the contacts and they have come through for him. The vast majority of the monies raised was by him. But come on, the guy takes great pleasure in belittling others. He got Vinnie to quit, and nearly sent Stephen out the door as well. And his attacks on Omarosa since day one would have sent a less-strong woman crying out of there a long time ago. Should Lennox, Carol, or Marilu be fearful of this monster next week? Absolutely.

I will reiterate what I said when this show began. Omarosa is in this celebrity cast because she is reality TV royalty. She is a superstar. She is the greatest fighter in reality TV history. This show isn’t picked up by NBC for a second season without this amazing player. Piers thought he could rule everyone like a dictator and all this woman did was attack his soul relentlessly until he couldn’t even muster a smile in victory. He has treated her like crap since the premiere so I had absolutely no problem with her using his children to burst his nerve. It was outstanding television and now that they are once again separated, let the feud continue.

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