ROH Making Changes?

DOI Wrestling has obtained a letter that it is claiming Ring of Honor’s Gabe Sapolsky sent to talent. In it he talks about some things he feels need improvement, and if it this is legit (and the contents of the letter jibe with other reports we’ve heard recently), it’s a rare, candid look into the mind of arguably pro wrestling’s top booker. An excerpt:

“You will all be hearing from me in the next week or so with a bunch of notes about upcoming direction. Here are some quick thoughts on how we can all pull together as a team and improve the shows. I am going to keep repeating these things until they become second nature. I believe these things will help us tighten up our shows and in turn everyone will have a better and easier chance to get over. I think our shows are too long now and we are burning out our crowd. We are leaving them tired after the show instead of satisfied, but wanting more. I think that just by tightening up a few areas we can eliminate this and make the people satisfied, but hungry for more and then hopefully buying more live event tickets.”

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