NWA Wrestling Showcase Episode 5 Review


The show opens with David Marquez and… where is Rob Conway? Where is ROB CONWAY!? David Marquez is standing in front of a blue screen and thanks us for tuning in. Marquez completely ignores the fact that Conway isn’t there by throwing us off to the first match.

Match One: Mike Quackenbush © vs. Cassandra
Stipulation: NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Mike Quackenbush won the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title from Tiger Mask IV at a Fight Sports Midwest event back in May 2007. Since being crowned the champion he’s defended the belt against Black Tiger IV, Lince Dorado, Akira Raijin and others.

Cassandra’s win over Cobra II (from two weeks ago) gave him a shot at one of the most prestigious titles in the world against one of independent wrestling’s finest wrestlers. So Cassandra gets a win over Cobra II and automatically gets a shot at the title (which almost guarantees trips to Japan)? Dookie booking on NWA’s part.

That being said, I felt this match was a lot better than it looked on the proverbial paper. Cassandra didn’t really show what he was all about two weeks ago when he was paired up with Cobra II and tonight Mike Quackenbush really brought out the best in him. Cassandra’s Lucha Libre style is very traditional and a lot better than I expected it to be.

Of course Quack was amazing. The match was believably back and forth, not because Cassandra was getting a good amount of offense in, but because his mind games came into play and Quack fell for them hook line and sinker. The Man Kiss threw Quack WAY off track and he sold it like a champ (wiping his mouth with his hands). Quack locked Cassandra in a Bridging Leg Lock which resulted in Cassandra selling his left leg hardcore. Near the end of the match, Cassandra sent Mike Quackenbush to the outside and executed a tope con hilo. Neither man got up before the 10 Count and the referee ruled it a draw.

Mike Quackenbush and Cassandra battled to a draw due to Double Countout (*** ¼)
(Mike Quackenbush retained the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title)

The story telling in this match was awesome. Quack got a chance to show his silly side going up against the VERY flamboyant Cassandra. Cassandra really impressed me tonight and hopefully he will continue to master his in-ring work. He mastered his “homosexual” character to the point where it’s not disgusting or nasty. It’s just plain old funny… and that’s something very few people can pull off.


We make an immediate jump from commercial action to tag team action. Awesome.

Match Two: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. Alkatraz and Derrick Jannetty
Stipulation: Anything Goes Tornado Tag Team Barbed Wire Rope Match

Actually, it’s just your average tag team match with normal rules, which is way better than that deathmatch crap. The Young Bucks look to continue their NWA hot streak by burrowing through their opponents tonight.

Though this was a pretty even match, it was more of a showcase of The Young Bucks’ athleticism. They are a fantastic tag team and this match with a giant like Alkatraz and Derrick Jannetty would definitely put them in a spot to earn a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Champions. The Young Bucks won after they gave them More Bank For Your Buck.

The Young Bucks beat Alkatraz and Derrick Jannetty after Matt pinned Jannetty. (** ¾)
There was nothing wrong with the match, but it wasn’t anything outstanding. Awesome action and teamwork from The Young Bucks kept me in tune just to see what they were going to do next. Their strategy is very methodical: 1. Work on the opponent. 2. Wear them down with their speed. 3. Tag in the other Jackson. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until your arm is raised.


Match Three: Amazing Kong vs. Candice LaRae
Stipulation: NWA World Women’s Title Match


Amazing Kong beat Candice LaRae via. Knockout after Kong gave LaRae a Backfist ( ½*)
(Amazing Kong retained the NWA World Women’s Title)

They did a good making Kong look like a monster.


We are brought back to an NWA Territorial Update. Nothing special…

Match Four: Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson © vs. Zokre and Phoenix Star
Stipulation: NWA World Tag Team Title Match

These four men have had many encounters before, but none match up to this match. This time it’s for World Title gold. Zokre and Phoenix Star only have one chance tonight to take what they want, and the team of Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson did everything they could to retain their belts.

Nicho del Millionario came down to ringside and managed Phoenix Star and Zokre throughout the whole match, rooting for them to bring the titles back to Mexico. Phoenix Star had the match won as he climbed to the top rope and prepared for some sort of top-rope finisher. Then out of nowhere comes Nicho del Millionario and dropkicks Star! Star lands in the crotched position and is Superplexed by Anderson. 1…2…3.

Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson beat Zokre and Phoenix Star when Anderson pinned Star (*** 3/4)
(Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson Retained the NWA World Tag Team Titles)
(Nicho del Millionario interfered against Phoenix Star)

An awesome match with a cool swerve ending. Saw it coming from a mile away, it was cool regardless.

Adam Pearce, Joey Ryan, Karl Anderson and Nicho del Millionario are all in the ring bragging about all the gold slung over their shoulders and buttoned around their waists. We are brought back to David Marquez who gives us a preview for next week’s show (CONWAY!) and the show comes to a close.

Yeah, I know. It’s a very brief review… but that’ll all I got to offer right now for NWA.