Live Ring of Honor Results from Long Island

Welcome everyone to Pulse Wrestling’s live coverage of Ring of Honor’s return to the Deer Park Community Center. This should be a big card, but with everything pointing towards the Sixth Year Anniversary Show it could get overlooked. Regardless, we have up to date coverage thanks to Pulse Glazer. Here is the card, click through for the updates as they happen.

Roderick Strong & Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Nigel McGuinness vs. Brent Albright

Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero

Erick Stevens vs. Go Shiozaki
Austin Aries vs. Joey Matthews

Tyler Black vs. The Human Tornado

Jigsaw & Ruckus vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher

Nigel McGuinness, Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, Davey Richards, Tyler Black, and Erick Stevens will not be at the show, instead we have an 8 person number one contender tournament

Rocky Romero vs. Bryan Danielson

Kevin Steen vs. Delirious

El Generico vs. Austin Aries

Go Shiozaki vs. The Necro Butcher

Click through for results from the matches as they happen.

Pre-Show Matches: Kyle Durden and Rhett Titus vs. Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne and Ernie Osiris

Baby’s first attempt at heel heat from Durden and Titus. Powerbomb/Splash the Heels win.

Winners: Durden and Titus

First Round Tournament Match: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero

Dragon is sporting a goatee, longer hair, and a taped leg. Early mat work; advantage Dragon. Strike exchange; advantage Dragon. More mat work; more advantage Dragon. Romero reverse a surfboard into an ankle lock with a heel hook, but Dragon gets the ropes. Rocky goes to work on Dragon’s taped leg, but it doesn’t last long. Rocky gets twisted into a pretzel for his trouble. Another mat exchange and Romero locks in the cross arm breaker. Dragon makes the ropes but gets rewarded with a kick to the head. Rocky goes back to the leg. Dragon regains the advantage and goes to work on Romero’s leg. He locks in a fujiwara armbar variant to score the tapout victory and a spot in the semi-finals.

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson; ***1/2

First Round Tournament Match: Kevin Steen vs. Delirious

Delirious is in his green attire for this contest. Delirious freaks out as usual at the bell, but Steen bails. The occasional allies shake hands after the tomfoolery, and the match is truly underway. Delirious is in full on comedy mode tonight. Steen counters Delirious’ antics with a “Bah!” of his own. Delirious claims that Steen pulled his hair. Steen yells at a heckler in Deliri-ish. Not surprisingly, Mr. Wrestling dominates a test of strength. Delirious asks if Steen is his friend; Steen reassures him. Delirious can’t take out his friend Steen with a shoulder block. Delirious hits an eyepoke out of a fake dive and then hits his running senton on the floor. More comedy and questions of friendship as Steen goes to work on Delirious. Panic attack out of nowhere from Delirious and both men are down. Delirious is up first and hits three lariats and a slam. A series of counters leads to a swan-ton attempt by Steen, which meets knees. Delirious comes back with Shadows over Hell, but the results are the same. Steen finally connects with the Steen-ton Bomb for the win. It is an hilarious match with some top notch wrestling thrown in.

Winner: Kevin Steen; ***1/2

First Round Tournament Match: Austin Aries vs. El Generico

Aries controls early with some armdrags and mat work. Generico locks in a head scissor, but Aries escapes and teases the dropkick and knees him in the head instead. Generico gets control with his lucha and teases a dive. Aries keeps fouling up with his over aggression. Generico is actually maintaining control for most of the match. A generic split legged moonsault gets knees, and Aries hits the heat seeking missile. Aries goes through his usual work concentrating on the head and neck setting up either the Horns of Aries or the Brainbuster. Long Island is not enjoying their dose of vitamin Aries on this night though. The solidly pro-Generico crowd erupts as he chops Aries chest to smithereens. Aries tries the running dropkick, but gets nothing. Generico counters with a top rope cross body, then a corner yakuza kick, and a michinoku driver, but it will not keep Aries down. After another counter Austin Aries is able to get his corner dropkick. A brainbuster gets two. Aries decides to go for the 450 splash, but Generico stops him. Generico tries the BRAINBUSTAAAA!!!, but to no avail. Aries his a swandive headbutt, and The Horns of Aries are locked in and switched to the knees. It is not enough to finish of the Generic Luchador, and a flash roll-up scores the victory for the Canadiese Mexicano.

Winner: El Generico; ***1/2 (seems like a consistent show)

First Round Tournament Match: Go Shiozaki vs. The Necro Butcher

Necro attacks as soon as the bell rings. Technical difficulties…Go wins.

Winner: Go Shiozaki; ****?

Larry Sweeney’s talk show segment

The Sweet and Sour one informs the LI crowd that Claudio Castagnoli is scared of him. Shane Hagadorn comes out with Bobby Dempsey. Hagadorn in true sycophantic fashion sucks up to Larry Sweeney. They push Dempsey over to end the segment. Nothing really noteworthy.

Second Round Tournament Match: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Kevin Steen

Dragon controls things on the mat early. Steen goes to work on the leg after Dragon pissed him off by attacking his ear. Dragon makes a valiant comeback, but misses a swandive headbutt. Steen keeps going to work on the leg. He locks in a sharpshooter, but Dragon reaches the ropes. Steen has an answer for every one of Dragon’s comeback attempts. Steen eventually forces Dragon to tap out with the sharpshooter.

Winner: Kevin Steen; ***1/4

Second Round Tournament Match: El Generico vs. Go Shiozaki

Generico starts by going to work on Shiozaki’s knee. Go takes the advantage however and tears up Generico’s chest with chops. Generico makes a comeback with a top rope somersault to the floor. Generico hits a superfly splash for two. A lucha DDT gets another nearfall for the Generic Luchador. They trade nearfalls. Go is able to pick up the victory with the Go Flasher.

Winner: Go Shiozaki; ****

Four Corner Survival Match: Jason Blade vs. Human Tornado vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Mitch Franklin

Tornado is unsurprisingly very over with the Long Island crowd. The match is pretty standard four corner fare. A lot of spots and not a ton of flow. Tornado gets a hot tag and hits his dance step kicks in the corner. Jason Blade wins after a pumphandle driver on Mitch Franklin. The match was really more of a showcase for the Human Tornado, though.

Winner: Jason Blade; **

Tornado gets on the mic stating that his goal is to get more women at the shows. He wants a stable of ladies and says the Lacey is HOT. Not surprisingly, this brings out Lacey, and she is mildly perturbed. Lacey tries to hit Tornado, but he ducks…twice. Jacobs comes out with a spike which cause Tornado to bail. Zach Gowen gets called out, out of nowhere. Gowen is out as the newest member of the Age of the Fall. They call out the Vulture Squad and this leads to…

The Vulture Squad of Jigsaw and Ruckus with Julius Smokes and Mercedes Martinez vs. The Age of the Fall of Jimmy Jacobs and Zach Gowen with Lacey

The Vulture Squad takes an early advantage, but Zach Gowen is able to take control and they put the heat on Jigsaw. Jigsaw finally gets the hot tag after a prolonged heat segment. Ruckus is in and is a flippy house afire. His flips are not enough and the Age of the Fall regain control. Jacobs and Gowen miss high risk attempts though. Ruckus connects with a moonsault legdrop on Gowen for the victory.

Winners: Ruckus and Jigsaw; **

Tournament Final: Go Shiozaki vs. Kevin Steen

Steen takes control after having his leg mushed by Go. They battle to the outside and Steen hits Go with a frogsplash from the guardrail. Shiozaki regains control with a frankensteiner. Steen comes back with a superkick, but Go hits a fisherman buster. No selling at all. Go gets hit with a German suplex. They start trading lariats, and neither man shows any signs of relenting. Knee kick on Steen, Enziguri by Steen, Lariat and Steen is finally down. A German suplex only gets two as Go Shiozaki won the fighting spirit war. Shiozaki hits a moonsault for two, tries to chop but gets caught in a package piledriver. It only gets two. A lariat from Steen, another package piledriver and Go cannot kick out. Steen wins the tournament.

Winner: Kevin Steen; ***

Generico is out there with a microphone after the match as the crowd chants, “Mr. Wrestling!” Steen says, “We did it, well, I did it.” and attempts to shake Go’s hand. Go refuses to shake Steen’s hand but shakes the hand of El Generico. Go eventually gives the handshake as the crowd continues chanting for Steen. Steen says that the NRC is scared and he has not forgotten about the tag titles. He says that it doesn’t matter if it is tag or world gold he will wear gold in RoH soon.

That does it for Ring of Honor and its impromptu tournament showcase. I hope you enjoyed the coverage. Big thanks to Pulse Glazer for sending in the results, and as always, I am Big Andy Mac and…

I’ll see you next time.