Matt Cappotelli Update

On his MySpace blog, Tough Enough 3 Champion and WWE developmental talent Matt Cappotelli posted an update on his brain cancer treatment…

This is the first time i’ve been in my account in over 7 months – i’m sorry to those of you who’s messages have gone unanswered. I’ve had alot on my plate lately, as i’m sure you can imagine. I wanted to briefly touch base with everyone and let you know how i’m doing. I’ve finished my radiation treatments and I’m in my 6th month of chemo treatments. I don’t know how long the chemo will go, but i’ve put a good dent in the long road that has been set in front of me.

Spiritually, my strength is renewed every day. God’s plan is at work and each day is another step towards to ultimate purpose. Emotionally, i’m doing well, especially with the continued outpouring of support from you! Physically, i’m back in the gym and feeling good again (although i have to be really careful not to train too hard – train smart, not hard!). I have alot of exposed blood vessels in my brain now, so too much pressure could rupture one and cause bleeding in the brain – we don’t want that.

To give everyone a little perspective and especially for those of you who don’t believe in the Power of God, please take a look at my new pic. This is my most recent MRI scan of my brain that was taken on Monday, February 18th, 2008.

Take a minute and ask yourself whats odd about the MRI. Imagine dividing my brain into 4 quarters. If you look at the upper left-hand 1/4 of my brain, you’ll notice that it looks black in the MRI – different from the rest of my brain tissue. When the doctor showed me this scan, i asked him why that part of my brain looks black. Take a wild guess as to why it’s black …. it’s because there isn’t anything there (let the jokes begin). That entire dark area is the amount of brain that is missing from my head – that part is literally a hole in my head. That about blew my mind, which i guess is easy to do now! Really though, for some miraculous reason, i have no defficiencies and other parts of my brain have compensated for the part that has been removed. I don’t care what anybody says, if I saw this same MRI from somebody else, I would think they would be severely handicapped or near death. I have no loss of function, memory, spacial relations, or anything. The only thing I lost from my surgery is the peripheral vision above my eyes (it’s almost like you have a hat on all the time). the radiation treatments damaged my high-frequency hearing in my right ear – but seriously, who needs that stuff?!

To all of you fighting your own battles….. never give up, keep fighting, and I’ll see you when we all conquer this stuff.

Isaiah 53:5

We wish Matt a continued, and full, recovery, and if you want to send him a message, click over to his MySpace — which also includes an amazing photo of his brain (that he talks about, above).

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