Serial Watcher – Lost – Episode 4-04

After being away for two weeks (Me, not Lost), it’s time to jump right back into Lost Island. I hope you remember the drill – I’m writing this live as I’m watching the show, first impressions, backtracking. What we know so far is that Jack, Kate, Hurly and Sayid are four of the Oceanic Six (And am I the only one who’s reminded of the Smackdown Six?). The rescue mission is not really a rescue mission but is really after Ben and future Sayid is working as a hitman for future Ben. Creepy. Let the fun begin.

On the island: The opening to this episode reminded me of the premieres to the second and third seasons.
Okay, the book is definitely a shout-out to Juliet’s book club. And shouldn’t Ben be used to being Locke’s prisoner?
Ben sure is the ultimate master manipulator. He could Locke’s gonna crack any minute now.
Here it is. And Ben knows that. How stupid is Locke to let Ben hear he got to him?
Life in the village sure seems nice and peachy all of a sudden. I don’t like it.
How the hell can Kate not trust Sawyer yet, after everything he’s done for her? Hell, after Jack told her she could trust Sawyer with her life?

Flashback/forward: I’m guessing this is a flash forward because Kate was unknown before the crash. But perhaps the murder made headlines back then?
Man, that’s quite an impressive rap sheet.
With the lawyer saying she’s one of the most recognized face in America, it’s make it even clearer that this is the future. But before the third season finale.

Back on the Island: What is it about Sun that makes me like here? I know she’s a liar and a cheat, but still, she’s so damn likeable. And Jin still has suspicions about the baby. Smart guy.
Locke “killed a chicken”. Right.
Stupid Locke. You don’t shoot Kate. She shoots you.
Looking at him now, Hurly looks like he’s lost some weight. Good for him!
I like Hurly. Have I said that already? Innocent fat guys of the world, UNITE!
Kate, are you going to play 20 questions with Miles?
Miles is exactly where he wants to be. Tied up in a boast house? Is he Ben’s mole?

Flashback/Forward: Kate’s lawyer isn’t very optimistic. Taking a deal for fifteen years is not a good sign. And damn, I can’t remember whether Kate’s mother is dead or alive. This is going to haunt me.
DAMN! Kate has a son??? I did not expect that. If anything I thought she doesn’t want to bring Jack as a character witness.
But wait, what if this isn’t the pregnancy scare she had last season? What if Kate’s son is actually Aaron? Perhaps Claire didn’t make it off the island despite Desmond’s prediction?

Back on the island: Jack can’t reach the boat. Insert obvious cellular phone joke here.
With Kate so reluctant to pick up Aaron it can mean either that she really has a son off the island and it’s too hard for her to handle another baby or it might be a prediction that I’m actually right about Aaron.

Flashback/Forward: Jack testifying on Kate’s behalf! Guess we can strike out one option now.
Flashback/Forward: Jack’s lying under oath. Not nice.
Damn it. Now he’s saying only eight survived the crash? And landing in the water? WTF is going on? I hope the bailiff has a fire extinguisher ready because Jack’s pants are about to catch fire. I hope Jack can spell perjury.
What does it mean Jack doesn’t love Kate, any more?

Back on the island: Hurly’s VCR looks like a Betamax. Nice.
Sawyer and alcohol. Fun combination.
Sawyer’s gonna help Kate bust Ben out. He’s so smitten. Now the question is how stupid Locke really is.
Wait, is he selling Kate out?
Nice one Kate, getting there before Locke. Or is that part of the plan? Remember, Miles still may be working with Ben.
Miles wants money to keep Ben a secret? That’s like finding out that the bad guys on Die Hard 3 were only after the money. And why 3.2 million?
Kate wasted too much time listening to Miles. Locke’s going to get her.
With every episode I like Locke less and less. Even though the flash forwards tell us that he’s right all along.
Locke is banishing Kate from the village? I like him even less.

Flash Forward: Kate’s mom is back! I loved her on Sabrina!
Kate’s totally right. Her mother can’t play on her feeling like that. If she truly doesn’t want to testify, she shouldn’t. And she can’t use emotional blackmail and demand to see the son as in some sort of deal.

Back on the island: I hope Kate’s not going to give Sawyer some goodbye sex.
Damn, I guess she just did. Is this how she has a child?
So the chopper never made it to the boat. I don’t know whether or not I’m surprised.
Did Locke take Torture 101 from Sayid? That’s not cool to shove grenade in a man’s mouth.
I can’t take anymore of Locke’s ego-trip. I just can’t. “I’m responsible for the well being of this island”??? He’s in full fascist mode now.
So she wasn’t pregnant before, but is she pregnant now? And why is she so surprised that Sawyer thought having a baby is a bad thing? She should know him by now, that’s Sawyer? And he was totally just to tell her she’ll probably continue to jump between him and Jack all the time. That’s what she seems to be doing, even if Sawyer is the only she slept with.

Flash Forward: Kate’s mom is gone. Nice. Time to cut a deal.
Nice deal. Not jail time. But if she can’t leave the state for ten years, how will she go back with Jack?
That looks like the same Jeep jack was driving in the third season finale.
He didn’t mean that he doesn’t love Kate anymore? Not really surprised.
That talk between Jack and Kate made me think Sawyer is Kate’s baby daddy.
But wait, why wouldn’t Jack want to see Aaron?
The end.

Another excellent episode. Lost is on a roll since the middle of the third season and this new direction it took since the season finale is a great one. Can’t wait for next week.

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