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Mr America HeadshotMathan frets over the partnership, corporate synergy, and bad endings while bragging about all the stuff he has in this week’s Who’s Who in the DCU.


Sigh. Tim, another new column, another new site layout. When did change become such a grueling thing?

Oh, it always have been, but Mathan., remember that the change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice. And so this is a battle in our own hearts and minds about what kind of country website we want and how hard we’re willing to work for it.

So let me remind you tonight that change will not be easy. Change will take time. There will be setbacks and false starts and sometimes we’ll make mistakes.But as hard as it may seem, we cannot lose hope, because there are people all across this great nation who are counting on us, who can’t afford another four years several hours without health care access to the message boards, that can’t afford another four years several months without good schools revamps, that can’t afford another four years indeterminate length of time without decent wages Roundtables because our leaders web providers couldn’t come together and get it done.

I know I cribbed a lot of that, but it is cool.

The guy that wrote it and I are friends. Next time I’ll source it. Probably.

Since the Academy Awards are coming up, who are you pulling for this year?Well, I am a huge Coen Brothers fan (Seriously huge. I even like Ladykillers.) and Cormac McCarthy’s writing is consistently a towering achievement in literature so I’m naturally favoring the film No Country for Old Men.

That said, I’m taking in all the Best Picture Nominees this weekend for a second time at this all day festival thing ($30 dollars gets you a ticket to all the movies, unlimited soda, and a large popcorn…it is basically my ideal Saturday) so I might end up favoring one of the other four films. Or, three, anyway. I do not support a Best Picture Oscar for Atonement. It is pretty and Keira Knightley is a vision and the 13 year old does great work, but no way is it better than any of the other nominees and I’d argue there was probably a good 6 or 7 other films that would’ve been more worthy of the nod.


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The DVD Lounge is looking swank!

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Moodspins is all political and stuff!

Radio Exile makes its grand debut!

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Primetime Pulse has plenty of post-strike stuff!

Tailgate Crashers is full of sports news!

The message boards are full of discussion about Trinity, Bruce Jones on Checkmate and Blossom?

Tim, what are you linking this week?

I’m starting out with a piece written by my uncle, Philip Stevens, an English teacher. It is ostensibly in defense of the power of reading, but it is mostly about fathers and sons and dealing with the loss of my grandfather, his father.

Yup, it is a big downer. A well written one though.

And because I’d hate to leave you all depressed, I’ll let you in on a new Thursday tradition for myself and others. Janelle and I head over to my friend Tim’s house where the three of us plus another friend, Nick, watch Lost and then head to Youtube to watch videos of people dancing to Soulja Boy. Old news, right? True, except for the twist here is that they do it while wearing masks of some of the most recognizable horror movie figures (Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc). For some reason, Nick loves them and got the rest of us hooked on this bizarre subculture. This is literally dozens of them so we randomly choose a couple each week. Here’s a favorite from last week’s batch.

Watch…it is mesmerizing.

What I Read Last Week Recently

Justice Society of America #12 – You see Jay’s face on the cover? That’s how I felt; cringing with fear. What I didn’t like: Lightning, Amazing Man, Judomaster, Lance. But I did like Mr. America. In fact I think that most of the legacies introduced in this title should follow his lead and hover around death.

I know this is DC and all, but I still don’t think EVERY character who has ever appeared in a DC book needs a legacy. That said, I still enjoyed this issue, especially the scene revolving around the boxing ring and the return of Jakeem’s foul mouth.

Countdown #12 – Oh Jesus Saiz, how did you get tricked into this book?

Do you think they promised him that if he did it, Manhunter would return, for real time?

Atom #20 – Solid farewell from Gail. I liked how everything was explained and it made sense. Though Ivy seems kind of boring now. I also dug the Black Mercy being utilized. But I’m really going to miss Gail on this book.

I’m not sure I have much interest in this book with Gail gone (or more honestly, I’m fairly sure I have no interest in it), but it was still a satisfying closer.

Nightwing #141 – Seriously, that scene between Supes, Dick and the security guard was so great. It was such a great moment. Dick and Wally need a team up book, stat!


Boy, this book went from lousy to great like that, didn’t it? I love when that happens. My only complaint with it is that, at this point, I’m loving the interactions way more than I’m caring about the plot.

Detective Comics #841 – Thanks Paul Dini, I completely forgot about Dee and Dum as villains in their own right. Good job.

<I’m tempted to say, between this great issue and last month’s strong showing, that ‘Tec is back on track. But then I remember the next issue box boasting a story all about the armor Batman wore during the Resurrection of Ras al Ghul story and I realize that I’ve always been far too optimistic.

Scalped #14 – Nitz is a pretty good bad guy. And it was good to see Dash vent on something that wasn’t alive for once. But man, that Mr. Brass seems kind of menacing.

Look, that truck had it coming.

And, to me, Mr. Brass looked a bit like my Grandma Guyette. But I’m sure he’s a bad ass.

Teen Titans Year One #2 – Ok, I really, really like the art on this book. It’s so pretty looking. And this is shaping up to be a pretty fun mini.

Astro City: Beauty Special – I had such low expectations for this issue, yet I found it very interesting. Busiek managed to make a character that I couldn’t care less about, very endearing. He can do no wrong when it comes to Astro City.

X-Factor #28 – I liked seeing Jamie cut loose, but I really hope that this book gets fun again, soon.

Crossing Midnight #15 – Toshi, why cut out your memory? Haven’t you ever seen Planet of the Apes?

The Exterminators #26 – Way to return to grossing me out. Good job.

American Virgin #23 – Yeah, it felt rushed, but I didn’t hate it for any reason other than I won’t get another issue next month. Maybe I’ve watched too many Woody Woodpecker and Loony Toons cartoons, but I’m a sucker for exploding suitcases. And clearly, if there’s one flaw with the evangelical movement, it’s the complete lack of learning life lessons via cartoons. Interesting fact: evangelicals always fall for “rabbit season/duck season” and hastily done cross-dressing.

That explains so much! I can’t count the number of times I’ve escaped the burning torches of an evangelical crowd by tossing on a dress and a wig and some rouge.

And no, I was not antagonizing them by suggesting that only illegals, gays, and those who have had abortions be allowed to get married and work “American” jobs.

As far as this title goes, it is so clear to me that Seagle was basically done with the script for 23 when someone came to him and said, “Bad news, book’s cancelled. Can you end it with this issue.” And he said, “Um…sure!” and tacked on that ending.

100 Bullets #88 – Good issue. Things are really progressing now. Did Cole pull the trigger? Why did the other action take place in Portland? Sadly the death in this issue ranked #2 on my list of “shocking deaths” this week.

Green Lantern Corps #21 – This only way this issue could have been worse is it if tied into Countdown.

I’m not sure I’d go that far. Instead, I’d simply say it was, “aggressively uninteresting.”

Green Arrow & Black Canary #5 – Kudos to DC for participating in “everyone needs their vegetables” month. And seriously, when is Connor Hawke: Professional Drooler going to get his own spin off? In all honesty he should have Roy’s spot on JLA.

Vixen: No, Connor was covering Monitor Duty for me. He said he would. He totally blinked twice!

I could get into complaining about how, in a DCU that saw even the most impenetrable of homes broken into, GA and BC wouldn’t have some sort of security around Connor when they go out to get married, but I get that it’s a plot contrivance and I can swallow it.

And besides that, I thought the whole thing did a decent job of explaining Brad Meltzer’s reveal that Ollie always knew Connor was his son.

Booster Gold #0 – As an issue it was good. But as a “zero issue” it sucked. Not nearly enough origin for my tastes. It completely ruins my complete set of zero issues. This is why you don’t release tie in issues fourteen years late.

I didn’t have the same baggage as Mathan does, so I just found it to be fun.

Gotham Underground #5 – There was something about this issue that I found, puzzling.(giggle)


Salvation Run #4 – For goodness snakes, is no one at DC familiar with the Planet of the Apes? Ape shall not kill ape. It’s right there in the Sacred Scrolls people!

Yes, but the Scrolls also say this about man, “Shun him! Drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.” So, clearly they are…pretty accurate. And because of their use of the word “harbinger”, they’re pretty awesome, too.

Suicide Squad #6 – I don’t like that I like this book so much. It’s too good. It’s everything that Countdown isn’t. It utilizes characters no one else cares about in an interesting fashion and is full intrigue. And it’s got Chemo on the cover, again!

Chemo is SO in this season. Yellow-green is totally the new black.

Wonder Woman #17 – Poor Ron Randall, you contribute over half of the art for the issue and yet you’re nowhere to be found on the cover. And Alkyone is my new favorite bald woman. Take that Joan Jett!

At the end of the day, Sinead still beats them all. Alkyone could never pull off “Black Boys on Mopeds” that’s for sure.

Countdown #11 – And just when I though this book couldn’t get any worse, they transport the action to the 4th World. Way to lower the bar DC!

Metal Men #6 – Man, this book is a blast I’m going to recommend this trade to everyone.

Simon Dark #5 – You know for a book with decapitations, dismemberment and missing organs, it’s a pretty fun book. And Bats has yet to appeart!

Stone King is all up in our business

With Tim having done work for Wizard and his fiancée Janelle working for Newsarama, how long before he shoves off for the big time like Ben Morse before him?

First off this question could be moot if you (yes you) don’t send us some questions.

Y’see fewer questions means dwindling content for the column, which means that we pull a Starman Matt and end the column after five years of good work. So unless questions start flowing, Tim won’t have a chance to bail on the column, because it’d be over before he knows it.

Jeez, Mathan, do you think the audience will pick up on your passive aggressive message there? It might’ve been too vague for them.

But to answer your question Tim knows better than to even think about leaving, lest I release a certain videotape that I hold in my possession. Is it a videotape of Tim and someone other than his fiancé, like say, Forgetful Jones from Sesame Street? Or is it a video of Tim getting a Strawberry Shortcake tattoo on his arm? Perhaps it’s a video of Tim screaming in the front row of an L.F.O. concert? The point is Tim doesn’t want you to know, so he’ll never leave.

Tim, care to offer up your side of things?

First, for the record, you go ahead and release that L.F.O. video. We all do strange things while we journey to discover our true selves and I won’t feel bad about “Summer Girls” any longer, dammit!

As for you, Stone King, relax. All is well, I promise. But I will be a bit more specific to set your mind at ease.

First, the Wizard gig is, most likely, dead. Without talking out of school too much, a lack of communication from them seems to indicate they no longer need my services. Besides, I wouldn’t have left this column for the freelance stuff I was doing for them anyway.

Second, I am marrying a Janelle S. And yes, a Janelle S. does review comics for Newsarama. However, they are not the same person. That Janelle S. is actually already married to another Newsarama writer who shares the same last name. My Janelle S. my eventually share my last name (it’s up to her) but, for now, has her own last name that starts with “S”. Newsarama Janelle S. apparently loves comics and reads them quite often. Fiancée Janelle S. reads comics on occasion and loves Human Target. And so on. There are similarities, but they are two different people. To the best of my knowledge anyway. Thus, no need to fear me leaving for Newsarama to writer a (future) husband-and-wife review column.

Third, and most importantly, I love doing this and have no intention of leaving it until I either a.) contract some sort of deadly disease that prevents me from writing or b.) get a job in the field that causes this column to be a conflict of interest. I’m trying like hell to avoid the first one and I think the second one, if it ever happens, probably isn’t anywhere on the horizon.So, you’re all stuck with me.

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Santiago has spotted a merger

I’ve just read Green Lantern 27. Since when is John Stewart an ex-marine in the DCU?

Well I’m pretty sure that’s the first official mention of the comic book John being an ex-marine. However John’s animated counterpart in Justice League Unlimited had been a Marine for many years before. So in reality it was just a matter of time before the regular DCU John Stewart unveiled his Marine past.

Of course all of this synergy just makes me long more for Black Pete Ross, which seems like the only bit of small screen continuity that’s yet to be adopted by the mainstream DCU. Y’know, when I blew out my candles on birthday cake, I wished for Black Pete Ross, again. Hopefully this year that wish will come true.

Smallville Pete Ross

This picture, found on Kryptonsite.com is html encoded with the file name “darkpete.jpg”. I kid you not. It does seem to be a site wide thing, (there is, for instance, a “darkchloe.jpg”) but still…bad choice.

Tim, what was your birthday wish?

Wait, is that your subtle way of telling me I missed your birthday again? Aww, man, don’t be like that. You know I want to remember, I’m just so busy all the time. Please, I’ll make it up to you, you know I will.

As far as my birthday (May 14th, presents acceptable) wish goes, I have two.

One, I wish to help you to accept that a white Pete Ross really is better than that awful character from Smallville, even if it does mean that Superman does not have a Black childhood best friend. No one needs a friend like Smallville’s resident street racer, especially not Superman.

It is comparable to voting for Hillary Clinton because you’re a woman (well, not you, Mathan, just a hypothetical person. You’re ALL man. By which I mean…boy this is awkward). Sure, the time has come for a woman President. But not any woman President. Wait for one worthy of your vote.

So to you Mathan, I suggest, wait for a Black Pete Ross worthy of your wish.

Two, I wish for this:

Black Falcon?

I don’t know what the hell it is. I don’t know what it does. I just know that I must own it. I MUST!

Stone King hates virgins. A lot.

I just read Am. Virgin’s last issue and I’m very mad. I thought the ending sucked. What was the worst ending to a series or arc that you loved?

So were you less than happy because the book was ending or because the ending sucked? Did the ending suck because it was “the ending” or did it suck because it was lame? Was the suckiness inherent in the ending of the storyline, issue or title? What exactly sucked?
As for other books that ended on a sour note for me, I can think of a few off the top of my head.

JLA's Last IssueJLA – The previous JLA title ended on a bummer of a note. It involved the Key and the team splintering or something? It was a jumbled mess that, if I’m being 100% honest I don’t even think I finished. I’m pretty sure that I gave up before the final issue and never read the conclusion.

See, that book was pretty on a downward trajectory from around issue 59 on so, in the end, it felt like a mercy killing.

Firestorm's Last IssueFirestorm – Jason’s solo run on Firestorm ended with the involvement of New Gods, which is a surefire way to lose my interest. It took a book that I loved and cared about and made it a book where I ended up not caring that it got the axe.

Yeah, that was disappointing. All the more so because it happened with McDuffie at the helm and I know he can do great work and has.

Flash's Last IssueThe Flash – Back before Bart took up the role, when Wally’s tenure “ended” it ended on such an awful note. I’ve got every issue of The Flash and it was the first book I began collecting from #1 up, and I can honestly say that the “final” storyline was the worst Wally adventure I’d ever read.

Completely agree. Completely.

Aquaman's Last IssueAquaman – Not the most recent series but the one before it. It ended on a Dan Jurgens written political storyline that bored me to tears. It made me recall Erik Larsen’s run fondly, that’s how bad it was.

Those are the only runs in recent history that really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure that I’ll think of more down the line, but that’s all for right now.

Tim, care to share some of the worst endings you can think of?

JSA's Last IssueJSA– The previous Justice Society book was consistently one of my favorite comics. Then, came issue #73 and the land of Infinite Crossover Issues. But it could still get worse…and did. 82-87 made everyone cry. Everyone.

You also mentioned arcs, so I’d nominate both KnightQuest: The Search and KnightsEnd. The first because of that terrible “oh my goodness, Sondra Kinsolving has healing powers!” moment. It was just…bad. KnightsEnd, on the other hand, had the potential to be a good ending but completely fumbled it. Instead of getting really in-depth with Jean Paul’s breakdown when he removes his armor and mask, we are left with the impression that the participants just sort of get cranky and went their separate ways.

Also, the end of Gunfire was terrible because it meant the end to the first solo series for one of the finest characters EVER!

I’m not sure Glen knows what he’s getting into here

What do you think of all the new recruits shown in JSA # 12?

I hate them all? Want me to go into more detail?

Judomaster (Lady) HeadshotJudomaster – There’s a thin line between “mysterious” and “annoying” and for me she crosses it. I’m not interested in her at all. Wait, maybe I’m interested in what she brings to the team other than upping my irritation quotient.

Perhaps it is because I read Birds of Prey, but I like her. Granted, she had an almost completely different personality in that book (in that, you know, she had a personality) but it does mean I’m willing to give her some slack here.

Amazing Man (New Orleans) HeadshotAmazing Man – I get that his character is supposed to be a “leader”, but his dialogue sounded every bit as cliche as any speech any leader gives. So I guess that’s a positive? But Amazing Man as a Civil Rights Activist is almost insulting and begs the question “why isn’t there more progress in the DCU if after Malcolm X and MLK were assassinated, people still had Amazing Man as a leader?” What else I’d like find out, how long Markus has had his powers and what he was doing after Will Everett died and before Katrina.

Good points there…that’s stuff I did not even think so. Although I did have a bit of reaction to the civil rights stuff. It just felt…I don’t know…wrong to me to align that fictional character with real historical figures. I’d say that I’m still waiting to see where this Amazing Man goes.

Lightning HeadshotLightning – Can we please get Black Lighting Year One released, so maybe it’ll explain why Jeff isn’t divorced with no kids, but rather married with at least two kids? Why does Jennifer have a cell phone if she can’t touch anything electronic? And is Kingdom Come really that important that it means going against established continuity?

I don’t care about Black Lightning’s continuity at all and even I groaned when it turned out he had another daughter. And it is another Kingdom Come echo on top of that? BOOOOOOOOOO!

Lance, Spawn of Roosevelt HeadshotLance – There’s nothing good about this character whatsoever. Not his great grandfather, not his ability. Nothing.

Nothing? At all?Actually, there really was nothing to Spawn of Roosevelt this issue. So I’m holding out judgment. But not because I see promise (as with Judo and Amazing) but rather because I got no sense of him at all.

Mr America HeadshotMr. America – I’m all for legacy heroes that are worse for the wear. I like that it’s ingrained in the DNA of Mr. America to head to the JSA when mortally wounded. It’s like part of their fight or flight instinct. Remarkable stuff. I hope that Doc Mid-Nite and Mr. T look into that.

I kind of dig that idea. In the same way you can tell a bad weather event is coming by observing animal behavior, heroes in JSA will be able to tell a baddie is going for them when a bloodied Mr. America shows up on their doorstep.

There you have it; I really loathed them all. JSA has enough characters that I don’t care about, like Damage, Liberty Belle, Cyclone, Hourman, Ted’s kid, and two-dimensional Obsidian (not to be confused with the three-dimensional Obsidian featured in urban myth of comics that is Manhunter) I really don’t need the inclusion of characters that range from boring to eye-rolling. If it wasn’t for Starman, goofy grinnin’ Gog and Eaglesham’s art this book would be dropped.

I still can’t believe you have no love for Cyclone. She’s so great!

Oh and Citizen Wang. He’s a huge part of why I buy the book. Emphasis on “huge part.”

Tim, why do you buy JSA?

It’s funny, I snagged out my back issues of the series to take a look at them to answer that question Mathan and, honestly, there is a lot about the book I don’t like. I was only so-so on the opening arc, the crossover with the Justice League was a big disappointment, the Damage returns to Atlanta story was a lot too obvious, and so on. In a lot of ways, it is kind of like Nightwing to me. I don’t care much for the plots, but I keep coming back to see how characters play off one another. Johns continues to do that very well.

I am far happier with Nightwing though and I think that’s do to several factors: a.) Nightwing was so not good for so long, it now reads like a breath of fresh air, b.) NW doesn’t fetishize Kingdom Come at all, c.) NW does not have a cast of (seemingly) thousands and therefore no one comes off as being ignored, and d.) Bedard never wrote NW before therefore I have no expectations of him when it comes to the character(s).But, the interactions are still strong enough that I don’t, ultimately, regret buying it.Of course, Rod Johnson: Package Master doesn’t hurt.

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Santiago wants timetables

Do you think Ted Kord will stay in the DCU for long? If so, who else do you think Booster will save?

Call me a pessimist, but I think Ted Kord will stay dead. I like Ted Kord the way I like my pistachios: no longer living and without the shell. (Umm…sure.) Ted is so much greater in death than he was in life. He’s like Superman; a ton more inspiring when he’s not breathing. If Ted never died then Booster would still be a lame punchline, but now he’s got an incredibly readable book.

And while I don’t think that Ted’s going to be sticking around the DCU, I don’t think that Booster should stop trying to save people. Nope, I think he should try harder to alter the past. Here are just a few of the people I think Booster should try to save.

Jesse Garon Presley – Admit it, you’re curious what life would be like if Elvis’ twin had lived. Who isn’t? Booster could answer that question for us. Just imagine if “Garon” had taken off as a name? You might have even been named “Garon.” Crazy!

Krypton – Imagine how huge Booster would have been if he hadn’t had to share Metropolis with Superman. This month could have seen the release of Booster Gold #265.

Uncle Ben – Not the rice dude, Peter Parker’s uncle. With Spider-Man out of the picture, maybe Booster has two great movies and one underwhelming one under on his resume.

Wildcats 3.0 and Human Target – I really want Booster to do this for me, Tim, Nalydpsycho and Dhaise.

Stringer Bell – I’m using Stringer Bell, but that’s only because I don’t want to spoil the final season of The Wire for Tim. Needless to say, I could pretty much pick and choose from a variety of characters on The Wire at this point.

Risk’s Arms – Kil-El’s clearly got it out for Risk’s limbs and I’d like to see Booster do his part keep Risk intact.

Tim, who would you like to see Booster try to save?

Martin Lawrence’s Career– From telling us “I’m the man” and asking us “how you all be” to starring in a movie about talking his daughter to see colleges. Certainly Booster can see that that’s a situation that needs fixing.

Britney Spears’ Sanity– I know it seems like an altruistic choice, but really I’m just getting tired of a new headline every day about it and people asking me, “You’re going to be a psychologist…what do you think her problem is?”

Christopher Dodd’s Presidential Bid– That man is the next President of the United States! It was meant to be and Booster will see to it that Dodd’s proper destiny is realized!!!!

Uncle Ben– Yes, the rice dude. He knows why.

Julian L. Smith is almost speechless


I was so tempted just to link to the Wikipedia page, but you, Julian L. Smith, deserve better than that. Even though it’s the same old story that you’ve heard a million times before.

It’s really pretty basic: Boy is born. Boy gets gender reassignment surgery and becomes a transgendered woman. Woman becomes prostitute and has sex with radioactive hermaphrodite, resulting in her getting super powers. Woman then hooks up with the Doom Patrol. It’s a tale as old as time itself really.

I know what you’re thinking; “man, Grant Morrison’s run on the Doom Patrol was crazy.” And it was, but this is from Rachel Pollack’s run on the title. Coagula is introduced in Doom Patrol #70, but that issue really belongs to The Codpiece, who has to be seen to be believed, even if he’s shamelessly biting from Larry Blackmon, word up!

Tim, you introduced Coagula to the column, what else do you have to say about her?

You’re welcome.

Stone King senses a cross promotion opportunity.

How do you guys feel about comic related items that are not comics? Toys, cards, heroclix. That stuff. Collect any of it? Like it, hate it?

Personally, I dig the stuff. I’ve got a decent collection of comic related stuff. Here’s what I’ve got off the top of my head.

DC Direct Figures – I’ve got a couple dozen figures, mostly GL, Flash and JSA related figures.

Heroclix – Back when I lived in Baltimore and Heroclix first debut I was into them. My best friend, a Marvel fan, had his Marvel clix and I had my DC clix and we had epic battles. I bought a case of the first set and case of a subsequent set. I’ve got the big Sinestro figure. Sadly, since I’ve moved to Vegas my clix have been sitting in my closet collection dust and little love.

Props – I’ve got two of the DC Direct Green Lantern Power Batteries; the Hal Jordan and Alan Scott version. One day, I’ll probably try to track down the Abin Sur one too. I’m so disappointed that DC never got around to creating the Cosmic and Gravity Rod props.

Cards – I’ve actually got a complete set of the Milestone series of cards. But that was more out of loyalty to the line than interest in cards.

Clothing – I’m a sucker for DC hero logo t-shirts. I mean I was I haven’t picked up any in awhile (though I may pick the Sinestro Corps shirt Wednesday.) I think I’ve got all of the various Flash shirts (Dark Knight Strikes Back, Kid Flash, Jay Garrick, Reverse Flash, and traditional Walter West). I’ve also got the KC Superman, Alan Scott and Hal Jordan logos. But I won’t wear one if I’m going to the comic shop. It’s like wearing the band’s shirt at the concert; it’s redundant pledging of allegiance.

Statues – I don’t really get into them, but I do have the Alan Scott and Hal Jordan mini busts, but mostly just for the rings that they came with.

Sometimes with all of the various GL rings I’ve accumulated over the years I totally Green Lantern #49-out.

Tim, care to share what various comic memorabilia you’ve accumulated over the years?

I’d be happy to.

Action Figures– I’ve been lucky over the years to make friends with a few people who have foisted remainder figures, damaged boxes, etc on me and since I like them out of the box anyway, it has worked out just fine. My DC stuff consists of Green Lantern related (Kyle’s first costume, Parallax, Black Hand, Nero custom), 52 related (Animal Man, Supernova, Steel), JSA related (Mr. Terrific, Dr. Mid-Nite), Batman related (Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, Az-Bats, Batman Beyond, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and probably a few others), and a couple other randoms (Black Lightning, Deadshot).

I have a lot more Marvel figures, especially related to Spider-Man, but being as this is a DC column, I won’t bore you with them.

Heroclix– I’ve just never got into any sort of role playing game and this just seems like the same thing to me. Never had any interest at all.

Props– I have a GL ring. That’s it for me.

Cards– Back in the day I had a bunch of Marvel trading cards (both Universe and Masterpiece). I don’t think I ever had a complete or anything like that. I never had any DC though. Not sure why.

Clothing– I have a couple of “distressed” shirts, one Thor (as an homage to my father, of course) and one Captain America (because I love America!). I also, randomly, have a Hulk movie shirt that my brother bought for me in Florida one year. I have to be honest…I’ve never felt quite comfortable wearing comic gear.

Statues– I have about eight busts and, perhaps unsurprisingly by this point, they are all Marvel.

Other– I also have several posters, but they are all movie related (like Batman, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2’s Doc Ock, DAREDEVIL, etc) so I’m not sure they quite count.
So, yes, I have some stuff, and no I don’t hate any of it. Just some of it is not for me or my wallet, I suppose.

And on that note, we’re going to call it a column. Next week may feature heroes gone bad, successful sidekicks and underrated writers. Or it might feature your question, provided you send some my direction.

You can either post them on our <a href=nifty thread or you can email them my way via mathan@insidepulse.com

But before I end things, here’s my question to you; Trinity by Busiek and Bagley; are you in or out?

“A girl with a bird, she found in the snow.”

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