Oscar Coverage

Welcome to Popcorn Junkies’ annual live coverage of the Academy Awards ceremony. Coinciding with this event is my one year anniversary here at the Pulse, so I will be spending much of the evening pretending this is a celebration of me and my accomplishments as well of those actually in Hollywood. All signs point to an exciting race in many contests as the usual gauntlet of pre-Oscar award shows have not offered the typical set of crib notes for each category. Feel free to check out well-educated, wholey accurate staff picks right here. While I can speculate all day about who will win, one thing I know for sure is that here you will be safe from any “drink your milkshake” jokes. I may or may not have some money riding on this, so regardless the outcome I am going to be liquored up…and naked. More news on the validity of that statement as the night progresses.

I’ll be periodically commenting on all aspects of the show in our comments field, so feel free to join on in to ask questions, make comments, etc. Members of the PJ staff will be on here as well to give their thoughts on the broadcast, already pegged to be one of the worst ever.

Now, on to the Oscars!