Random Reality: Big Brother – Episode 9-6

Recap of what went down on Wednesday to start. Jen and Parker went home. Jen sucks! Parker should have been around a lot longer. Oh well, we have to talk about how Matt didn’t like Parker and Jen leaving because Parker was his friend and Jen was “hot to look at it”. Chelsia and Jame won HOH. They are SO excited! Amanda and Alex are not happy. The balance of power looks to shift now in the house. Especially since Chelsia yelled at Amanda and called her names last week. Amanda and Alex will probably be a target this week. Natalie was strangely happy since she doesn’t think she and Matt are a target, even though they are friends with A & A. Allison thinks her dumb lesbian angle with Sheila will save her. Joshuah is, of course, extremely happy to see Amanda not be in the power position anymore.

In the HOH competition they loss the use of drinking cups for a week. They have to think of some other idea to drink whatever. They decide bowls would be best. But we have other important matters to discuss. Matt talks to Chelsia and James. They promise not to put up Matt this week.

Joshuah tells Sharon that Sheila and Allison are “lesbians”. What is funny is how everyone always says this after learning of this “secret”: “it all makes sense!” I think Allison should be worried that everyone is so easily convinced that she is lesbian, when in fact she is not. Unless she is, then I think she can do better than Sheila. But that’s just me. Anywho back to the game. We see James and Chelsia’s HOH room. Nothing to really to note except Chelsia has a fat cat.

Natalie confirms with Chelsia and James that if they don’t put up Matt and herself this week, they won’t put them up if they win HOH. James then informs Ryan and Adam of “Operation Condor” **Insert Screech Here**. They are planning to get rid of the top row of pictures on the memory wall. Meaning Jen, Parker, Amanda, and Alex. Jen and Parker are gone and that means A & A are next. You see, the condor apparently swoops down and takes care of the top layer of fish. Adam and Ryan don’t want to be the “pawn”, though, since they usually go home.

Amanda wants to talk out her issues with Joshuah. He apologizes for what it says and everything seems to be good with them. Amanda then decides to form a secret alliance with him. I don’t know either one can trust the other. But she promises that they will take him and Sharon to the final three with Matt and Natalie. So there seems be a line in the sand with two separate alliances, but things still don’t look good for A & A.

Natalie wants to have babies with Matt. He’s so “cute and dreamy!” Natalie says that “Matty puts naughty thoughts in her head!” Natalie is trying too hard. Matt informs her that they will not be having sex. Natalie thinks Matt likes her but doesn’t want to admit it. I don’t think so.

Allison wants to tell Chelsia and Joshuah the truth. Good idea smart one, since the last two couples got kicked out because they knew someone in the house before. So basically Sheila and Allison are starting to realize that they screwed up by coming up this lie that doesn’t help them one bit. They try to figure out a way to not screw themselves over.

Time for this week’s food competition! There are two teams. The yellow team is called “Seduction”. That team is Joshuah and Sharon, Matt and Natalie, and Ryan and Allison. The green team is called “Devotion”. That team is Chelsia and James, Amanda and Alex, and Adam and Sheila. This competition involves rotten fish. Basically team members had to toss fish into the baskets of the opposite team members in hopes that they can’t hold up the baskets. The first team to drop all three of their baskets into the water loses! In ends up being Adam vs. Joshuah in the end. And Joshuah wins out! Team Seduction wins and that means Matt, Natalie, Ryan, Allison, Joshuah, and Sharon get food. Chelsia and James do too since they are HOH. So only Amanda, Alex, Adam, and Sheila have to eat the infamous “Big Brother Slop” for a week. Amanda doesn’t like that at all.

Amanda says “Bueno” all the time! She thinks it means “Hello” in Spanish! HAHAHA! The roommates make fun of her. It means “Good”! Meanwhile, James tells Chelsia that he has “feelings” for her. Chelsia might feel the same way. They roll around in bed and make out. What I really want to know is what are those tattoos they are blurred out on James’ body? He has a weird bowtie one so there is no telling what those are.

Allison and Sheila tell James and Chelsia that they are NOT lesbians. Allison then tells Joshuah. They made it all up. Allison tries to smooth things over, but Joshuah is not that happy about it. He is “uneasy”. Joshuah jokingly begins to question if he is even gay now. He says “I lost my gay partner and ended up with a woman in my bed!” Allison and Sheila just might have saved Amanda and Alex. James, Chelsia, and Joshuah don’t trust them now. They go back to thinking that Sheila is bitch, which is the right way to think. But then again there is always A & A. James wants to put up Matt and Natalie as “pawns”, but Matt is not that happy about that. But who knows until it actually happens.

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Amanda and Alex are worried. Natalie feels safe. Sheila and Adam are worried. James promise their nominations to be “shocking”! Chelsia and James pull the keys of Sheila and Adam first. They pull Joshuah and Sharon. They finally pull Allison and Ryan. So that means:




are nominated along with:




Chelsia and James tells Matt and Natalie that they were nominated to win the “POV” so insure that Alex and Amanda go home this week. They made their promise, but physically they are the best team. Chelsia doesn’t like Amanda so that’s why A & A are up. Alex is bitter towards Amanda since he thinks it is all her fault that they are nominated. Amanda is going to fight until the end. Natalie accepts the compliment from James and Chelsia. But Matt is hurt. He feels betrayed and says you can’t trust anyone with pink hair. He also says he will be going after Chelsia and James if they win HOH!

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