The SmarK 24/7 Rant for Championship Wrestling from Florida – July 28 1982

– Hosted by Gordon Solie.

– Derek Draper v. Sweet Brown Sugar. We’re JIP here with Draper holding Mr. Brown Sugar in a facelock, but it’s reversed to a suplex. Draper hangs onto the facelock while Sugar drives him into the turnbuckles trying to break free, but no go. Sugar finally slugs out and takes him down with a kneelift, but Draper throws forearms in the corner to regain the advantage. Sugar fights back with a backslide attempt into a small package for two. They mess up a leapfrog spot pretty badly and Draper cradles for two, but Sugar comes back with a headbutt and slams him for two. He goes for a piledriver, but Draper hides in the ropes and time expires at 6:16. Decent little match. **

– Let us take you back to a bunkhouse match with Dusty Rhodes against Terry Funk, as JJ Dillon interferes for the DQ and Dusty beats him up. This turns into a crazy brawl with King Tonga and Kendo Nagasaki attacking both Funk and Rhodes, and then Dory Funk coming in to make the save for both.

– JJ Dillon and Big John Studd let us know that no one can slam Studd, or even pin him for that matter. Specifically, Butch Reed has no hope in hell of ever slamming him. So Reed comes out to protest, and JJ sends out Bruiser Brody to make Reed prove himself first. Reed easily slams Brody and Dillon reluctantly sends Studd in for the $5000 challenge, and of course Studd attacks once he starts to leave his feet. Brody joins in until everyone’s hero, Dusty Rhodes, makes the save.

– Bruiser Brody v. Dennis Brown. Brown would be future NWA Junior champion Denny Brown. Brody pounds him and takes him to the floor for a trip to the post, then back in for more of a pounding. Running kneedrop finishes easily at 1:08.

– King Kong Tonga & Kendo Nagasaki v. Tommy Wright & Rick Zarda. Tonga, with a mere 2 inch afro in those days, beats down Wright to start and Kendo works on the arm, and over to Tonga for the TONGAN DEATH GRIP. Sadly, it was 1982 and no one knew to fear that move yet. Tonga stomps Wright down, but it’s over to Rick Zarda, and he quickly gets beat down by Kendo. Tonga stomps away and Kendo chokes Zarda out. Tonga adds a neckbreaker and Kendo chops him down, into a diving headbutt from Tonga that finishes at 5:25. Gordon accuses him of using the banned Oriental spike, but he’s not even from Asia, so I wouldn’t lend much credence to that kind of rumormongering. *

– Returning soon: Steve Keirn! Back when he had hair.

– Terry Allen & Barry Windham v. The Alabama Chain Gang. It’s the Dusty Rhodes fan club in action! The Chain Gang are masked men in full striped bodysuits. I suppose it might be a funny bit for one match if they spent the whole thing going "Tagging it out, boss!" and treating the ref like a guard, but otherwise it’s just kind of a cheesy 80s gimmick thing. Windham and TA take turns working on the arm and Allen gets a dropkick into an armbar, and it’s back to Barry for more of the same. The Chain Gang switches off, but the faces stay on the arm. Allen gets caught in the convict corner and one of the Gang holds a facelock, and the other one gets a backbreaker for two. #1 hiptosses Allen out of the corner and drops a knee for two, and Allen is unable to make the tag. #1 slams him again and drops a knee, but we’re running out of time. The ref calls for the bell at 8:20 with TV time about to run out, but not before Chain Gang #1 uses a loaded boot to put Allen down. Kind of funny to see what would be an 80s dream team struggling in their younger years against a couple of generic jobbers. **