You Don’t Know Jakks

You Don’t Know Jakks

Toy Fair Wrap-Up

Toy Fair 08 has come and gone. Nothing huge out of the Jakks camp this year, they didn’t show very much that we haven’t seen already, save CS 18. Here’s some quick hits.

  • No new RA/Adr figures shown.
  • Build & Brawl will be extending to include CS.
  • Vinyl Aggression are not the ‘eggheads’, however they are over-exaggerated cartoony type figures. Melina, Umaga, HHH, Mysterio & Undertaker make up the first set, of hopefully more to come, because they are AWESOME.
  • We got a glimpse of the first new Jericho from Deluxe Aggression.
  • Hornswoggle’s first figure is in the Unmatched Fury line, and it comes with Finlay. It looks like he is not joined to Finlay, so anyone who is dying to get a Hornswoggle, here you go.

    Overall, a pretty lame showing by Jakks. I know I, among many others, was looking forward to figures of Santino, Big Daddy V, Maria, Jesse & Festus, and a new RA Jericho, however nothing.

    For any images, you can hit up our friends over at

    Classic SuperStars 19 Line-Up

    Here is the latest line-up for CS19. As always, these are subject to change.

  • The Rock
  • Bryan Clark
  • Evil Doink
  • Howard Finkel
  • Typhoon
  • Nikita Koloff
  • Kevin Sullivan
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Cactus Jack

    New MOC Images

    Here are MOC images of Adrenaline 29 & RA 32.

    There you go. Check out Daniels’ 10 Thoughts column, it’s my new favorite on the Pulse! Have a great week!