Heyman Comments on Benoit

Paul Heyman had the following to say in The Sun about the Benoit family tragedy:

As I look back at all the media attention, I can submit to you it’s a shame that missing in these stories is the tragic loss of three lives.

The professional wrestler, admired and respected by his peers, known in his chosen profession as one of the best in-ring performers the industry has ever known, who will now, much like OJ Simpson, never be remembered for his accomplishments, but only for the deaths his name will forever be attached to.

There’s the young girl who got caught up in the wrestling business as a teenager, ended up leaving the business to become a full time mother, whose professional legacy and even worse, whose brutal murder has been eclipsed by the remembrances of what a “good guy” and a “great wrestler” and a “wonderful family man” and a “respected co-worker” her killer was.

And there’s a seven-year-old boy, whose room was filled with posters and action figures of his revered father, who has been wrongfully labelled across the world as being a dwarf, or retarded, or a sufferer of Fragile-X, whose wrongly-reported disabilities have been speculated as the cause of the marital strife that many say drove the little boy’s beloved father, the murderer, over the edge.

This is a story with no happy ending. It’s a tragedy.

A terrible, horrific crime took place in Fayetteville, Georgia, at the home of Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

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