HHH Talks About Flair’s Retirement

In an interview with SLAM!, HHH had the following to say about Ric Flair: “He’s had the most incredible run of anybody ever. There’s that part of it. There’s the part of me as a fan, I love to watching Ric go out every week and perform, and I know he loves the business more than anything. I’m sad for the fact that he’s not going to have that aspect of his life. But he’ll still be in business — he’ll be involved in the business, he’ll still be there. He’s going to be an ambassador for our sport until he dies. That’s what Ric lives for. In a world sometimes where everybody talks just about the paydays and the money and the hype and all that stuff, Ric is still just a guy that just loves to go out there and perform for the fans. As long as there’s fans there and they respect what he does, he’s a happy man.”

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