Hitting Shelves This Week…

Finally we are at the end of what has proven to be a monstrous month for DVD aficionados. This final week proves to be no different though as some vampires run through an Alaskan town, some brothers try to get reacquainted with one another, and it’s proven that funerals are more of an experience then people realize. And if you’re in for a little time traveling to your childhood, make sure you check out seasons of Punky Brewster and The Smurfs. Make your lists smurftastic my friends, and head out to stores fast because these hits are sure not to last long.

February 26, 2008

30 Days of Night

Some times of the year, parts of Alaska are in the throngs of darkness for weeks at a time. The town of Barrow is just about to hit their turn, but some new dangers lurk in the dark. The small police force must protect all survivors from a band of bloodthirsty vampires.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “The Vampire” featurette, “The Look” featurette, “Night Shoots” featurette, and much more

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1968 with Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw explains why 1968 was one of the most important years in 20th century history. Vietnam, the Beatles, Martin Luther King’s assassination, the Civil Rights movement, Richard Nixon in the White House, and the death of Robert F. Kennedy are just a few of the events Brokaw recalls in vivid detail.

DVD Features: None

B.L. Stryker – The Complete First Season

B.L. Stryker lives on his docked boat down in Florida and lives his life the only way he knows how: in complete relaxation. But when crime strikes, he uses his own methods or justice to track down the suspects and make the Sunshine State a safer place.

DVD Features: All 5 episodes from the first season

The Case of the Bloody Iris

When two young women are viciously slain in a luxury high-rise, a beautiful young model moves into one of their vacated apartments, but she may be next. The suspects include her ex-husband (a member of a group sex cult), a predatory lesbian neighbor, the deformed son of a sinister widow, and even the building’s handsome architect who suffers from a paralyzing fear of blood.

DVD Features: None

The Darjeeling Limited

Three brothers have recently lost their father and now must go on a journey. They have also lost touch with each other over the years, but feel it is now time for them to reconnect. And a trip to India seems like just the ticket.

DVD Features: Alternate/deleted scenes, trailers, behind the scenes, bonus shorts

Day Zero

For decades it hasn’t been in place, but the military draft is back and three friends are chosen to go to war. They are given thirty days to get their affairs in order and also to confront everything they know about their lives and what could happen.

DVD Features: Trailers

Death at a Funeral

When a man dies, it would seem that everyone showing up was coming to pay their respects and remember him. But everyone in the family and their friends are showing up with their own anxieties about who they may see at the funeral and exactly what may be said.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, trailers, outtakes

The Fugitive – Season One, Volume Two

Follow along with Dr. Richard Kimble as he must constantly try and stay ahead of the police. Convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, Dr. Kimble must stay on the run until he can prove his innocence.

DVD Features: The remaining 15 episodes from the first season

Justice League – The New Frontier (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Witness the dawning of a new era by going back in time as the Golden and Silver ages of DC Comics come together to form a whole new entity. Be a part of the thrilling action with Martian Manhunter, the Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, and countless others from your favorite comic books.

DVD Features: Comic strips, storyboards, interviews, voice acting, and much more

The Legend of the Black Scorpion

A career criminal has murdered the father of undercover officer Darcy Walker. Fed up with using the rules and regulations to fight crime, she vows revenge on her father’s killer and all who get in her path by any means necessary.

DVD Features: None

Life After Tomorrow

The late seventies and early eighties saw millions of little girls try out for and appear on the Broadway stage to play the part of little orphan Annie. Many famous actresses began their careers in that little red dress and this is their story along with that of many more.

DVD Features: Additional performances, interviews, slideshow, photo galleries

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (2-Disc Special Edition)

A cop chases two hippies suspected of a series of Manson family-like murders; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by chemical pesticides being used by area farmers.

DVD Features: Interviews, photo galleries, trailers

Newhart – The Complete First Season

Dick Loudon had has it with the city so he and his wife Joanna pack it all up and decide to head to Vermont and open a little inn. Things get really interesting in this cozy little inn and life is one hundred times crazier then it could have ever been in the city.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season

Pinochet’s Last Stand

In 1998 former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet visits Britain for medical treatment. On being tipped off, Amnesty International seizes the chance to bring to justice a man they insist is guilty of multiple human rights violations.

DVD Features: Interviews, documentary, vintage footage

Punky Brewster: Season Four

Harry Warnimot still has his hands full with the abandoned Penelope “Punky” Brewster who was left by her mother in a supermarket with her dog Brandon. Enjoy all the hilarious episodes from the series’ final season.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the fourth season

The Rage (Unrated)

A mad scientist in the woods has been experimenting with a prototype rage virus on innocent people. His experiment soon backfires and the subjects get out and begin spreading their disease and devouring humans that can’t get away.

DVD Features: Rated and unrated versions available, deleted/alternate scenes, trailers


Experience the story of a married silkworm merchant-turned-smuggler in 19th century France traveling to Japan for his town’s supply of silkworms after a disease wipes out their African supply. During his stay in Japan, he becomes obsessed with the concubine of a local baron.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, interviews, deleted scenes


Aging screenwriter Felix Bonhoeffer has lived his life in two states of existence: in reality and his own interior world. While working on a murder mystery script, and unaware that his brain is on the verge of implosion, Felix is baffled when his characters start to appear in his life, and vice versa.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, deleted scenes

The Smurfs: Season One, Vol. One

When you see a mushroom on the ground, don’t be so quick to step on it or yank it out of the ground for someone may be living in it. Relive all the great times with Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, and the rest of the Smurfs as they try to just live a Smurftastic life and stay out of the clutches of the evil Gargamel.

DVD Features: Includes 19 episodes from the first season, bonus episode, music video

To Kill a King

A recounting of the relationship between General Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell, as they try to cope with the consequences of deposing King Charles I.

DVD Features: None

Who Saw Her Die?

A young girl is murdered in France and a well known sculptor soon experiences the same pain as it happens then to his daughter. The sculptor and his wife begin investigating for themselves and not only see the body count start to rise but end up in a lot of trouble themselves.

DVD Features: None

WWE: Royal Rumble 2008

The stars of Raw, SmackDown, and ECW get ready to hop in the ring as one of the biggest prizes all year is on the line, a main event shot at WrestleMania. Thirty superstars will enter the ring, but only one will emerge victorious and be left standing.

DVD Features: Backstage vignettes, interviews, four other matches including Ric Flair Vs. MVP, JBL Vs. Chris Jericho, Edge Vs. Rey Mysterio (World Heavyweight Title), and Randy Orton Vs. Jeff Hardy (WWE Title)