Notes on Sabu, Hogan’s New Wrestling Project, Zach Gowen & WWE 24/7

Sabu is “said to be” suffering from a hip injury received during his tour in Mexico, according to He is expected to miss some dates.

Also from, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, along with Bischoff’s business partner Jason Hervey, are pitching a celebrities-training-as-pro-wrestlers TV series. This is “likely” what Hogan was talking with the UK Sun about recently, according to PWInsider.

According to, the “History of the Monday Night Wars” feature on WWE 24/7 skipped the June 9, 1997, Nitro due to the video in the second hour being poor quality in the versions available to them.

Finally, Zach Gowen, who has been wrestling recently in Ring of Honor, had an interesting interview with where he talked about a lot, including revealing that he had a drug and alcohol problem. According to a recap of the interview on, he said, “I drank a little bit or whatever. My problem was with pills, with painkillers and Vicodin and the like. Just over the years of abusing your body, looking the quick fix and trying to get to the next town and going to the gym. It just became a habit that spiralled out of control a little bit. Things needed to be changed and I changed them and I couldn’t be happier right now.” He also said that he was released from WWE due in part to immaturity, talks about a possible return there or to TNA and more.

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