WWE Releases Another & More Developmental News

PWInsider.com has reported that WWE released developmental talent Chet the Jet (Neil Bzibziak), who had just returned to FCW after a 30 day Wellness Policy suspension.

Recently released from WWE, former ECW star Roadkill has posted the following on his MySpace according to PWInsider.com:

As it pertains to the injury that I suffered on January 5th of this year. I went to the neck and spine specialist today and he told me that I have to get a Mylogram. That is a procedure where they shoot dye into your spinal column in order for the results to show up on an x-ray. have already gone through 3 weeks of physical therapy, and when I tuck my head forward, I get a “shock” sensation in my left hand. The specialist told me that “this should not be occurring,” and recommended the Mylogram. He also told me that it would be unsafe for me to return to the ring at this time. One wrong hit or bump could lead to paralyzation.

He has also posted the following:

Was I selling WWE merchandise at OVW live events?……………….
Yes I was.
Was I told that my firing was a disclipinary action?……………………
No I was not.
Was there then, and is there now, a STOOGE in the WWE Office?………..
I don’t know what’s more disappionting, the fact that this “information” is leaked to the internet, or that people actually belive it.
Nowhere in my WWE contract did it say that I was not allowed to buy WWE merchandise from a licensed WWE merchandise vendor, and then sell such merchandise to make a profit.
Basically, “someone” was jealous that I took the incentive to make some extra money and they did not.
No one from the WWE ever told me that I could not sell WWE merchandise. If they would have, I simply would have stopped.
How can you dicipline someone when you didn’t even tell them what they did wrong?
I have talked to some of the other release-es, also on thier “Future Endeavours” tour, and it seems that we all received the same blanket statement from the WWE office on why we were all released.
The reason………………………………………………………… is between the 6 of us and the WWE Office.
In the meantime, if you are interested in WWE merchandise, send requests to;
c/o OVW Wrestling
4400 Sheppardville Road
Louisville, KY 40218

As far as Ohio Valley Wrestling goes, the final TV taping including WWE contracted talent takes place tonight, according to PWInsider.com, which also has reported that the planned independent booking team will include new OVW Champion Nick (Eugene) Dinsmore, Joey Matthews and Roadkill. Rob Conway lives locally and has been rumored to be working with OVW once the transition takes place. OVW owner Danny Davis has told his wrestlers that not much will change, and that he will still be able to get them tryouts in FCW. Also, OVW are now charging $2 for the tapings that used to be free. As for WWE developmental talent finishing up their run in OVW, those who are champions have either dropped the titles or will be soon, and then they will report to FCW by the end of next week. WWE is helping some talent with moving expenses. Also, Al Snow will finish up in OVW in his role as WWE-contracted trainer at this weekend’s house shows, and he’s under a 90-day no compete.

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