Kace’s Countdown – ECW On SciFi (2/26/2008)

And now, your Top 5 Moments from this week’s ECW On SciFi! This list is compiled and determined by Kace Evers…a strange, odd being with about 30 some fetish models for MySpace friends. Why? Because Darenzia rocks more than you. And probably me.

5 – Kelly’s Rockin’ Tribute

In the Mixed Tag match with Kofi Kingston as her partner and the team of Santino Marella and Layla El as the opponents, Kelly Kelly managed to pay tribute to two rock n’ roll themed tag teams from the 1980s and ’90s, the Rock N’ Roll Express and Midnight Rockers (or just Rockers if you prefer). Early in the match, she and Kofi hit the Double Dropkick on Marella, like Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson would do (though not quite as crisp). Kelly would end the match, felling El with the Rocker Dropper for the pinfall. Kelly still has far to go in her development as a wrestler, but she’s getting there slowly but surely. With the win, Kingston remains undefeated on ECW.

4 – Elijah, That’s Your Cue…

During the Triple Threat match between CM Punk, Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin, Benjamin hit a Jumping Flatliner on Punk then went for the pinfall while close to the ropes. The ref began to administer the count, but before getting to three, suddenly stopped. Confusion abounded for about a second as Benjamin looked behind him and Punk breathed a sigh of d’oh. Benjamin goes out of the ring and attacks Burke who appears to be just now reaching for the apron to stop a count that was already stopped. It was a momentary bit of mistiming in an otherwise solid match.

3 – Stevie Richards Defeats Mike Knox, Continues Win Streak

Seriously, has Richards ever had this many wins in any one calendar year on TV since joining what was then the World Wrestling Federation? After victories over enhancement talent, the level of competition was stepped up as Richards took on former would-be threat Knox. Knox attacked the throat like any good strategist would, but Richards once again perservered and one Stevie-T later, Richards once again had his arm raised in victory.

2 – CM Punk Wins Triple Threat, Becomes #1 Contender For ECW World Championship

The match itself had its share of moments, including a miscue (See Moment #4). It all came down to the end, with Benjamin winding up on the outside and Burke winding up in the clutches of Punk, who would then administer the Go To Sleep. Punk gets the pinfall victory before Benjamin can make the save and earns a title shot against Chavo Guerrero Jr. next week. The show would end with Guerrero and Punk in a staredown.

1 – Colin Gets A Win!

The Whipwreck Kid, Colin Delaney has become ECW’s personal punching bag since his debut in December 2007. But on this evening, he would compete in a tag team match, with partner and sensei, Tommy Dreamer against the WWE Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Delaney wasn’t much of a factor (though he was enthusiastic nonetheless) until the end when his body wound up being used as a sacrifice, with Mizanin winding up bumping heads with Delaney at the apron and walking into a Dreamer DDT, while Morrison was unable to take part while on his back on the floor. Dreamer gets the pinfall victory on Mizanin, a major upset is scored and Delaney is finally a winner. This sets a probable WWE Tag Team Championship match next week between these two teams as the Delaney experiment continues.

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