Random Reality: Big Brother – Episode 9-8

You get a double dose of me this week. I’m filling in for Danny, because he’s gone somewhere, doing something. But we have another team to kick off. Sadly, both teams are fairly interesting for a variety of reasons. Some might call some members of each team “annoying”, which may or may not be true but at least they are interesting. Anyways it’s Boston vs. New York. Matt and Natalie vs. Alex and Amanda. They are in an alliance together, but one team WILL be going home!

Last night, we saw both Allison and Amanda go to the hospital. That was really a first for me to see on reality TV. Amanda has to make sure she eats all the time. No more Big Brother Slop?! I agree with Richard. Just go back to peanut butter and jelly.

Time for some backstabbing and such from the rest of the house guests. Remember, “Operation Condor” **insert dumb screech here**? Well Allison has a better idea. She finally figures out that Matt and Natalie are the strongest physical team here. She wants to get rid of them first. Adam gave his word to Matt that he had their vote, but Sharon and Josh are the wildcards.

With that in mind, Natalie tries to work on Josh and Sharon. She promises them that they won’t “go on the block” if they keep them in the game this week. She thinks she has a strong bond with them and thinks she is safe. Doesn’t look like it, though. Ryan is not so sure about this. He doesn’t like Alex or Amanda. I don’t think anyone does, but Allison thinks Matt and Natalie are stronger which is why she wants them gone first.

Everyone is gathered LIVE in the main room. Julie wonders how the hospital stays has affected everyone in the house? Amanda says that everyone is closer now. Julie says like a “big group hug”! Julie asks Sheila about her and Allison? Pretty much the same thing Amanda said. All is well in the Big Brother house. Julie gives congrats to James for helping to save Amanda. He was ready to give her CPR, if she didn’t come back to consciousness. Alex is glad Amanda is okay. Matt says having no hot water or drinking cups sucks! Sheila likes the “Slop diet”, because she has lost 5 pounds so far. Why does it look like Adam is about to make out with Sheila?!?!

Time to discuss the love connection of James and Chelsia. James explains to us how and why he is bicycling across the America. We talk to some friends of James. Basically, James is crazy but has a good heart. We talk to Chelsia’s sister and she explains why that James and Chelsia are a good match. Chelsia’s sister looks just like Chelsia without the pink streaks in her hair.

Julie talks with James and Chelsia in the HOH bedroom in private. She asks James about nominating Matt and Natalie. James didn’t think he would win HOH and wanted to be safe from being on the block, if Matt and Nat did. He basically just broke his word. Chelsia says she has no regrets about who they put up for eviction. James doesn’t like the way some people in the house are “materialistic”. Some people want to win this game to win the money to buy things. James wants to win the money to “spread his message”. Chelsia says she can be a “girly girl”, but she can be a “guys’ girl” as well.

Before the voting begins, both Alex and Amanda and Matt and Natalie can address the house first. Amanda wants a second chance. She really wants to see Alex have a second chance, which basically says she has not been a good partner to him. Alex wants to “keep it real” and wants another chance, of course. Natalie is thankful and blessed to be in such a well-cast house. She doesn’t want to go back to Oregon just yet! Matt says “wicked hard” to make me happy. He says everyone is beautiful and you have heard all of these speeches before.

The voting begins. If one team doesn’t agree with who to evict, they apparently will be going home. I don’t see that happening, though, since both team members are in the DR room when they make their vote. It should be a secret ballot for that to work. Anyways Adam and Sheila vote to evict Amanda and Alex. Joshuah and Sharon vote to evict Alex and Amanda as well. Ryan and Allison are the last team up, and they vote for Alex and Amanda as well but it really didn’t matter since James and Chelsia can’t vote. By a vote of 3 – 0, the next to be evicted are:

Alex and Amanda


No real surprise there as much as they tried to throw us off with the “strong team Matt and Nat” thing. Hugs and tears for A & A. Matt and Nat thank the remaining house guests. Pull it together Amanda. James, Adam, and Ryan celebrate their “operation” being complete!

Julie chats with Amanda and Alex out of the house. Julie wonders why Alex didn’t campaign. Alex said it probably wouldn’t have helped. Amanda was campaigning, though, because she thought it would help. They both say that your “word means nothing in this house”. Talk about their “relationship”. Alex says that emotions didn’t affect how they played this game. Time for the goodbye messages! Allison is hurt by them. Ryan says they were out for him. Josh apologizes to Amanda again for his comments. Nat and Matt give their props to Amanda and Alex and Matt vows to avenge their eviction! Watch out James and Chelsia!

HOH Competition Time! By the way, Julie screws up her lines which keeps that streak going. James and Chelsia must sit out, of course. Tonight is called “Words of Love”. There are two parts to this. First the men compete against each other, then the women, and finally the two winners face off to see which team gets HOH. You have to ring the bell first and if you get the question right, you will get to eliminate someone. If you guess wrong, you are eliminated.

Sharon answers correctly first for the girls. She eliminates Allison. Ditto for Sharon and this time she gets rid of Sheila. It’s down to Sharon and Natalie and Sharon sweeps this round! Sharon is the winning woman! Now the guys. Ryan buzzes in, but guesses wrong. Joshuah answers the next one right and gets rid of Matt. Down to Josh and Adam. Again Joshuah answers correctly and no need for Sharon and Josh to face off, because the new HOH is:

Sharon and Joshuah


Talk to the new HOH! They are PUMPED and AWESOME! Studying paid off for them. They can’t wait to see pictures of their family in the HOH bedroom. The same for Sharon. Julie sends her congrats to Matt for Boston winning. “What up Bean Town?!?!?!” Typical.

Anyways that is all for now. Nominations come up Sunday and Julie also promises a SURPRISE. I will be back then! So this has been your Master speaking?!?!

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