Richly Deserved: Big Brother – Episode 9-7

Another Tuesday night for those of us who don’t give a **** about American Idol. And we’ll have all the action from the Love Shack in just a few moments.

But first.

Some news. First, a redneck hardware store became the only advertisers to overreact to the whole Adam controversy last week. Now if a NASCAR Sprint Cup car were to show up as part of a POV competition if they would consider coming back? Just wondering.

Secondly, speaking of the aforemention Adam. Seems like he used the “F” word when talking about Joshuah (the one generally associated with, you know, the alternate lifestyle types). Unfortunately as a result of his former employer’s actions, when Adam comes out of the house, he’ll realize people will be using the “U” word to describe him (the one generally associated with, you know, the types that send resumes everywhere hoping someone will call them for an interview). Then again, Josh did call Amanda a horse face so the Big Brother namecalling game is definitely on.

Finally, our friend James, we come to find out, has some, um, acting experience. Let’s hope he didn’t find out what Natalie was doing to Matt under the covers the first two weeks. We wouldn’t want him to get jealous.

On to the episode.

So we start with Amanda and Alex and Matt and Natalie nominated. James explained further why Matt was put on the block despite giving him assurances he wouldn’t. Alex said 75% of the responsibility for their nomination was on Amanda (try 100%). Matt felt double-crossed by “the devil”. James said this is Big Brother and lying is part of the game. Chelsia agrees that this is a game.

Matt tells Natalie he’s mad. They feel they need to win the POV. Alex tells Amanda to leave him alone. He doesn’t want to take his negative attitude about her, out on her.

Allison is having some fun in the house for a change as she and Natalie have a western-style duel with bottles of Windex in their hands. Whatever. Sheila meanwhile felt betrayed by Allison. Matt meanwhile brought his beefs to James. James reminded him where they were. James feels Matt and Alex are cocky and have a good friendship in the house that he is trying to break up. James told them he’s looking forward to a “great POV”. Nice to see James understands the game.

Sheila and Allison have a private chat. Sheila felt like Allison just used her to save herself last week. Allison tried to convince Sheila that she wasn’t mad at her.

Time to choose players for the veto competition. Sharon and Josh are chosen at random. Adam will host. Matt and Alex feel one of them have to win the veto. They also trash-talk James a bit.

Time for the veto competition. The POV players don hard hats and walk to the backyard to a makeshift electrical puzzle. Cables are hidden in a barrel of peanuts. If they solve the electrical cable puzzle, a red light will go on and in addition to winning the POV, the houseguests will also get some contact with the outside world. The teams work through the puzzle which only has one solution. All teams make progress but eventually run into difficulties. James and Chelsia seemed to have a lot of trouble. Josh and Sharon seemed to be done but realize they had a cable missing. But eventually they found it and much screaming on the part of Sharon ensued. Alex was a couple of seconds late.

The news ticker comes on. Amanda cheers the news that John McCain is close to winning the Republican Party presidential nomination, then cheered the news that Barack Obama was winning the Democratic nomination race (I’m cheering that, too, BTW). The ticker also mentioned the latest in the plight of Britney Spears. The housesguest also tried to read into the final message about the “Hudson River Virus”.

Sheila feels Allison has been hanging out with everyone except her. She describes her anger to Natalie. Natalie was shocked and felt Sheila should calm down before she says anything. She is probably also overthinkingn things. Matt feels she is acting like a mental case. Sharon listens in to her conversation with Matt and is equally surprised. Sharon runs to the HOH room to tell James, Chelsia, Ryan, and Allison. Ryan was angry as was Allison. Allison decided to confront her. Sheila starts to blast her for treating her like **** after she was taken off the block. The two tell eachother not to talk to eachother for the rest of the game. Sheila is absolutely insane. Ryan, listening in, joined in. Adam takes their side as well as he fears for his life. Alex and Amanda are thrilled as suddenly, they feel they have a chance.

Allison starts talking to Sharon about Sheila. Suddenly while Allison was jogging around the backyard, she immediately went to the diary room. She complained she was having an allergic reaction. While she was getting treatment as she felt her throat closing, Amanda was telling Natalie she wasn’t feeling well when suddenly, she fainted. The guys immediately rushed to her aid. The medical aid immediately rushes in and starts administering to Allison. James props her while the aid gives her water. She is having great difficulty swallowing. Suddenly the EMS comes, Allison is still in the diary room, face swollen. Amanda is lifted onto the stretcher.

Time to address the matter of Big Brother Slop. When food punishment came with the wonderful PB&J in BB2, it was fun at first. But let’s face it. Big Brother is not Survivor. It’s one thing to not be able to gather food as a tribe. It’s another to be restricted by the producers of the show. Time to drop the slop. It adds nothing to the show and as we just saw, not everyone will react the same way to it. The game is not worth playing around with people’s lives.

Suddenly the house is a lot more sombre. Adam commended James on his work with Amanda. Josh felt bad for Amanda, calling her “a part of my Big Brother family.” Alex echoed everyone else who has put the game aside. Matt also commended James for his quick work. Sheila felt horrible for Allison and felt somehow, a bit responsible after their blowup.

Amanda returns from the hospital to hugs. Amanda thanked James for his work. James was humble about it. Amanda was touched by the feelings of the house. Allison also returns, again to hugs from the group. Allison was also glad to be in the house because of the quick work by their medical team. She and Amanda share their stories. Sheila hugs them both. She apologized to Allison and put things into perspective. Amanda said the time away made her realize how much she wanted to be in the house.

However, the game must go on, and Sharon and Josh call everyone in for the veto meeting. Sheila didn’t feel comfortable. Matt is nervous. Amanda said they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do. Natalie said she doesn’t want to go back to the Beaver State (Oregon) yet. However Josh and Sharon decided not to use the veto to not get in the bad graces of the HOH. Matt is upset and wants to up his game. Alex says it’s New York vs. Boston. Amanda is ready to play as well.

Come back tomorrow to see who got the boot and who got the key to the upstairs room. ‘Til next week.

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