Some TNA Stars Not Under Contract, MCMG Heat, Jeff Jarrett Update & TNA Happy with NY Shows

Jason Powell at is reporting that Judas Mesias, Dustin Rhodes (Black Reign), RelliK (Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli) and Payton Banks are working TNA via nightly deals rather than with contracts. In addition, Powell’s sources are “under the impression” that Mesias has worked his last TNA match for a while, although there’s a possibility of him coming back at some point. Part of the reason might be because he makes more money per match in TNA than in Mexico’s AAA, but more per year in Mexico due to more scheduled dates per week.

Other TNA notes from

-There are still no plans for Jeff Jarrett to return to the ring, as his role since his wife’s death has mostly been a management and creative focus (and of course, caring for his children).

– TNA management was reportedly very happy with the New York house show dates last weekend, which included sell-outs in Manhattan (approx. 800) and on Long Island (approx. 3,000, with a rumored $100,000+ gate), with strong ticket sales for the 5,500-seat venue in Elmira, NY.

– In a follow up story to Powell’s news on the Motor City Machineguns’ backstage standing, a “well placed source” told Jason that the heat comes from Shelley and Sabin not wanting to blade, and a source claimed that Shelley has apparently never bladed. It seems that Shelley’s the more vocal of the two, and Powell writes that “Daring to question TNA creative decisions has been taboo in the locker room ever since Dixie Carter essentially told the wrestlers to read their scripts and do as they’re told.”

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