Nolan to be knighted Director of the Year

Christopher Nolan, who rejuvenated the Batman movie franchise in 2005 with Batman Begins and its upcoming follow-up, The Dark Knight, will be honored as director of the year at ShoWest 2008, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Nolan made his feature directing debut with 1999’s Following and drew big notice with his second feature, 2001’s Memento. He will be feted March 13 at an awards gala set to close the exhibition confab.

“Nolan is one of the most talented directors working today whose films consistently achieve both critical acclaim and boxoffice success,” ShoWest co-managing director Mitch Neuhauser said. “His ability to grab hold of an audience from the opening frame and not let go until the very end of each film is a testament to his ability as a master storyteller.”

Nolan’s other recent films include 2006’s The Prestige, which he co-wrote and directed, and 2002’s Insomnia.