Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage of TNA Impact – 2/28/08

As we head towards Destination X, we get a preview of the DX Main Event when Kurt Angle squares off against Kevin Nash, AJ Styles’ more than interesting marriage to Karen Angle deepens, Rhino and James Storm must have something in store, and of course the usual under card chaos continues.

We open up to Angle squatting while shouting “Kevin Nash!” every dip. Yeah, thats all I’m going to say.

Booker T comes out and calls out Roode to face him tonight. Roode’s music cues but Payton Banks walks down to the ring instead. She tells Booker TNA that Robbie isn’t here and slaps him. Out comes Ms. Brooks and attacks her.

We’re shown a video diary of Team 3D’s diet. The video is pretty damn funny with them getting Chinese food and the cashier telling them it costs 2.75 to which Bubba responds “275? You told him about the weight gimmick?”

Backstage: Petey thanks Scott Steiner for getting him an X Division title match at Destination X.

Scott Steiner and Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt and Black Machismo

Dutt takes control of the match with his quickness until Petey catches him off guard with a leg lariet. Sonjay returns one of his own and Steiner enters the ring and ruins Sonjay, Lethal gets in and suicide dives onto Petey on the outside. So Cal Val makes sure to see if Lethal is fine and Rakka Kahn scares her off. Commercial break mid-match.

Back from the break Steiner slams Lethal to the mat and clotheslines him out of the ring. Rakka Kahn tosses Jay into the steps. Steiner uses his power to stay in control and tags in Petey. Lethal manages to tag and Dutt cleans house and almost wins it with a lionsault. Lethal gets tossed off the top rope and Steiner hits Sonjay with the suitcase, Canadian Destroyer, over.
Winners: Scott Steiner and Petey Williams

Diet Diary: Team 3D visits a candy shop. Do I have to say more? Epic. Win.

EY is hiding from Rellik and Black Reign (probably so he doesn’t rubbed with a bad gimmick). Kaz gets EY to man up and tells him they’re just fake monsters. He says monsters don’t really exist: Dracula, Frankenstein, Count Chocola, and Hilliary Clinton. EY says monsters do, look at Cloverfield.

Team 3D diet diary: Bubba tries to get D-Von off the BBQ.

Team 3D vs Curry Man and Shark Boy

Curry Man comes out. A part of me dies. Shark Boy comes out, shell yeah! 3D can’t make the 275 weight limit (what happened to no limits?). Bubba and D-Von strip to their boxers. The rest of me dies. 3D still can’t make it and are forced to leave.
Winners: No Contest

Backstage Karen cries and AJ consoles her.

Shark boy has something to say and we’ll find out after the commercial break

Shark Boy wants a match and out comes Rellik and Black Reign.

Curry Man and Shark Boy vs Rellik and Black Reign

Curry and Sharky have control almost the entire match until Team 3D comes out, Devine hits Curry with the kendo stick behind the ref’s back and Black reign goes for the pin but only gets 2. Curry suicide dives onto Team 3D and Shark Boy stunners Black Reign for the win.
Winners: Curry Man and Shark Boy

Post Match: Team 3D hits the ring, Kaz hits the ring. Devine sets up a table and out comes Eric Young. EY cleans house against the heels for about 5 seconds until he realizes what he’s doing and runs away in fear. Kaz gets powerbombed through a table by Bubba.

Backstage: Roode is here and says the legend of Booker T is going to fall.

VKM video package showing the relationship of Kip and BG from 3 Live Kru to now. Don West brags after that their camera team is going to be video taping them 24/7. Just what I need, Total Nonstop Kip.

Roode comes out with Payton and cuts a pretty good heel promo on Booker. Booker TNA comes out and owns Roode with fists and chops until Payton provides a distraction allowing Roode to plant Book with a DDT. Robbie handcuffs Booker to the ropes and begins belting him. Tracie Brooks comes bouncing out and gets some good shots on Roode but the numbers game proves to be to large and she gets cuffed as well. Both Payton and Robert belt Booker and Tracie.

Video package promoting the dangers out Elevation X.

Storm is backstage outraged at Jackie for booking him in a ladder match. She says he has to face his fears. Storm answers that he has no fears. Great promo.

World Drinking Championship Ladder Match:
Eric Young (c) vs James Storm

EY brings Storm down on the ramp and drop kicks the ladder into Storm who was recovering near the apron. EY suplexes Storm on the outside and we go to a commercial break.

We come back and Storm hits a great enzuguri from the apron to EY that sends him out of the ring. Storm sets up a second ladder that bridges the apron and guard rail. Our drunk heel begins climbing but jumps off, showing fear and totally contradicts his argument with Jackie in his promo earlier. EY and Storm fight on the apron but Storm super kicks Eric and he lands on the second ladder and then the floor.

Storm begins climbing again but once again jumps off. Jackie helps him up but he still refuses. So she goes up the ladder and gets him the belt (wouldn’t that make her the champion then?) and she hands it over to Storm.
Winner and new World Drinking Champion: James Storm

Post Match: Rhino comes out and gores Storm and takes his belt.

AJ talks to Angle that he should treat Karen with respect. Angle says no because she’s a woman. (This promo gave me the feeling that the AJ/Karen marriage angle has been dropped)

Awesome Kong vs Angelina Love

Angelina Love comes out with Velvet Sky that wore an outfit that made me mark (yeah…). Love really takes it to Kong in the early going with stiff elbows but Kong over powers her and begins the process of killing her. AL starts to get back some momentum and hits a great jawbreaker and goes for a cross body off the top but is caught by Kong, she scrambles out but gets the spinning back hand. Implant Buster followed by the Awesome Bomb for the win.
Winner: Awesome Kong

ODB comes out afterwards and says Kong has nothing on her. Kim tries a sneak attack but is gored. ODB comes down and the two double team her and get into a shoving match.

Kurt Angle w/AJ Styles and Tomko vs Kevin Nash w/Christian Cage and Samoa Joe

Nothing really happens at the start both just kinda walk around and look at each other wondering what to do. Angle goes to his corner several times for advice (probably asking how he should injure Nash’s knees). Nash and Angle trade punches, Nash wins. Angle backs into the corner and Nash begins delivering the knees and a big elbow. Angle scrambles out and kicks the inner knee of Nash but gets a big boot after coming off the ropes and onto the floor goes Angle. Cage, AJ, Joe, and Tomko brawl on the outside. They’re all thrown out and we go to commercial break.

As we come back, Angle is working the knees hard. He locks in a figure four that lasts about 90 seconds before Nash can turn it over. Chokeslam to Angle and both men are down. As they get back to their feet Angle runs at Nash several times, each time getting caught with a fist. Nash goes for the Jackknife Powerbomb but Angle rolls through and gets in the Ankle Lock. Nash kicks out of it. Angle attempts a spear but Nash dodges and Angle hits the post head first. Karen comes out, worried about her husband’s health and Angle throws her down. AJ comes running out to her aid.

Meanwhile in the ring Nash Jackknife Powerbombs Angle but the ref is to busy dealing with AJ and Karen. Low blow to Nash followed up by an Angle Slam in the ring while AJ and Karen leave out of the ring. Angle pins Nash for the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle

End of show.


+ Team 3D’s videos. By far this is the gem of TNA right now. Team 3D not only has entertaining matches but they have hilarious promos.

+ Shark Boy Steve Austin continues to make me giddy like a school girl

+ The TNA Knockouts Division. By God, this is on par with SHIMMER.

+ Robert Roode is one of, if not, the best heels in mainstream wrestling currently.

+ Eric Young and Kaz’s promo. Anyone who calls Hilliary Clinton a monster gets bonus points.


– TNA Curry Man (yes again). He needs to be booked like Japanese Curry Man, you know, funny.

– Rellik and Black Reign. Just having them be there makes me hate watching.

– Sonjay “Guru” Dutt. What happened to 06 Sonjay, you know, the good one.

Overall the show was great. Team 3D’s video packages outweighed everything bad in this episode by far. I sure hope TNA keeps them longer and the rumors of them going to WWE are false, I know for sure WWE wouldn’t let them act like this. Roode NEEDS to be pushed. Somehow, someway, make it happen TNA. Push him to the moon, this man is amazing on the mic, he has the look and he delivers the goods in the ring. He’s the total package.

Thats all for now, see ya next week.