Update on Jake Roberts

The following was posted to Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ MySpace blog last week:

Book Jake this Spring!

I just spoke with Jake who is doing better and better. He is excited at the prospect of coming home VERY soon. He has been working out, and looks great, please check his picture gallery for the most recent pictures of him.

NOW, he’s back.

For the promoters and bookers out there, Jake is taking bookings starting April 1st. NOPE, no joke here, that is his official start date. Please contact me at my HOME email address of farmgirl@atlantic.net.

I will take your messages here on his page, but simply will have you transfer our conversations to my home email address anyway, so please avoid the rush and just go there. He is VERY excited at the prospect of getting back in the ring. Lets put him there, shall we?

Also … Jake’s brother, Michael (aka Sam Houston) wants everyone to know that he is alive and well … photos of Jake, Sam and Griz can be found on the main page and pics section.

As previously reported, Roberts has been in a rehab facility and credits WWE — which last year started offering to pay for rehab to anyone who was ever under WWE contract — with saving his life.

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